Poppy Town was a 2019 vanilla base founded by SC0EY. It was later inhabited by members of the Shortbus Caliphate and finally by the Astral Brotherhood, who built a large base on the site of the original Poppy Town location.

Poppy Town
Isometric render of Poppy Town
InhabitantsIteration 1: Jinkers, SC0EY, Swiss_Bank, and TheRealMozzie

Iteration 2: I_tri, Lunch_Katsu, bluebirdx, bread_loafs, hinterhof, iAmZeiss, and y_a_t_a

Iteration 3: 7red, A97J, ArcInferno, Aresyl, Bathory343, Beardler, CirocDrip, Connor16892, Durkaaqt, Enchoseon, Harrissssonn, Hurtmercury, I_tri, Jersker, Joey_Coconut, Leemaster12, Leps15, LordGalvatronMC, Marcus4761, Osmobyte, Phyxics, STICKMANMATT21, SilverEyes2b2t, Spctre, Steampunkjax, SuperMikey9000, bluebirdx, borkiee, bread_loafs, crzychris, irongolem43, nutinurmacaroni, smcz19, soopa46, and y_a_t_a
StartedIteration 1: 'February 29',2019

Iteration 2: January 29, 2021

Iteration 3: January 2, 2022
GriefedFebruary 5, 2022
GriefersFifth Column and base members
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LinkNot Available


Iteration 1

Poppy Town was founded on 'February 29', 2019 by Jinkers, SC0EY, Swiss_Bank, and TheRealMozzie. While there they lacked supplies and built the original walls on the southern end of the base, as well as a small wheat farm to the north of the walls. They went inactive sometime between then and January 29, 2021.

Iteration 2

On January 29, 2021, I_tri found the abandoned base, and invited Lunch_Katsu, bluebirdx, bread_loafs, hinterhof, iAmZeiss, and y_a_t_a to the location shortly after the fall of Adamantium. They began construction of the town within the original walls, and expanded the wheat farm significantly in size. They left the base mostly inactive to build with the Guardsmen at Whistler, Mediano, and Canopy. The base stayed almost completely inactive until January 2, 2022. In the interim, most of the members helped found or later joined the Astral Brotherhood.

Iteration 3

Following a short intermission after the grief of Okab, the Astral Brotherhood revived Poppy town as a base for its Meteorite rank on January 2nd, 2022. The base quickly grew in size, with the majority of it's builds being constructed over the next month, such as A97J's castle, smcz19's church, and Joey_Coconut's various organic builds. This growth was only accelerated following the grief of Nautilus, as all its builders also moved to the base as well.


On February 5, 2022, several members of the Fifth Column came to the location to grief. Not long after starting they were fought off by Durkaaqt using Crystal PvP. The members of the base moved the materials out and griefed the majority of the base. Afterwards, both the builders and the Fifth Column members intermittently griefed the base until its abandonment later that day. Many inactive and/or untrusted members were subsequently removed from Astral shortly thereafter.