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"[She] hates you people" -jared2013, October 2018
StatusInactive - 2020
Joinedearly 2011
BasesRamiel's Watch, Squid Base, Plugin Town, Imperator's Base, 700Base, popbob's End base, 1095 365 Base, Kaamtown, Imperator's Base 2
GriefsOld Town, Ravendel, Space Valkyria,
TypeGriefer, Exploiter
Alternative AccountsOreMongerIsANig, OreMongerIsANigr, ImOnTenacity, sendGAYStoISIS, JIDF, RIDF (formerly RadicalHiccup), popbobYT, _popbob, xXBR0NY_PR1D3Xx, Uiopopbob
CurrentNerds Inc
Past4channers, Facepunch Republic, Guardsmen, and 0Neb Appreciation Group

popbob is a well-known player and prolific griefer who joined in early 2011 from 4chan. She[Notes 1] is widely known, even beyond 2b2t, and has become a well-known cultural icon for minecraft players in general.



popbob joined 2b2t in early 2011 as a result of browsing 4chan, although she became associated with the Facepunchers. She participated in a limited number of bases, generally with Facepunchers, (such as Ramiel's Watch, Squid Base, 1095 365 Base, and Kaamtown), but increasingly tended towards griefing. She become an especially prolific griefer over time after creating an early version of the newchunks module and also being an early adopter of Hacked Clients as a whole. As part of this, she later created nhack with iTristan.

popbob successfully backdoored 2b2t twice in 2011, leading to the creation of a variety of Illegal items, as well as the foundation of Plugin Town. Both backdoors were achieved through popbob's creation of software for Hausemaster to run the server. The majority of Illegal items available on the server were first introduced as a result of popbob's backdoors.


A screenshot of her solo base

popbob generally griefed bases alone, although she sometimes did so with other players that gradually formed Nerds Inc. She was able to determine other players' coordinates using methods including Thunderhack, which worked as a result of an oversight in Minecraft's code that allowed the coordinates of thunder to be tracked down through packets, as the sound of thunder was global and would only strike where players were located. This information was used to triangulate other players' locations. Thunderhack was used to find locations such as Imperator's Base.

Through use of (what was revealed to be backdoored) nhack among other 2b2t players, popbob discovered a rebuild of Kaamtown being conducted by xcc2, taylo112, iTristan, Omaliymix, and Kaameron. She used nhack to take screenshots of Omaliymix and Kaameron's desktops and send them to them, which resulted in both of them permanently quitting the server.

Intermittent Involvement

She played the server increasingly less as time moved on, although she contributed to the now-iconic grief of The Lands by re-connecting Branillion's bedchain, following a scheme to grief the base by C4RTM4N and taylo112. This was later mentioned in a now-iconic YouTube video by FitMC that dramatized the event.

Following TheCampingRusher's video, she played 2b2t increasingly intermittently, although she came back temporarily in 2020 to join the Guardsmen and spread misinformation about Nocom.


  1. popbob has chosen to be referred to with female pronouns.