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Policemike55 (render).png
JoinedJan 02 2012
PastSpawnmasons, Facepunch Republic

policemike55 is a player that joined in early 2012, and later sold his account. The player that pretended to be him did so for several years and later became active in the Emperium and several Incursions.


policemike55 joined 2b2t in early 2011 and has based with players such as Passie05, xcc2, chase101, CreamOfTheSlop, and popbob. The most well known places he based at were Squid Base, Ziggy Town and Plugin Town. Policemike55 was also a notable member of the Facepunch Republic. Having a deep history on the server and being very well known among other players, he is friends and contains relatively close connections with other oldfags. He is also one of the few players to have a hold of rare and hacked items from various backdoors. He also has a YouTube channel, with no content. Here’s the link

Policemike is also well-known for quitting in 2015 and selling his account (including all traces of him) to a newer midfag. This new player is referred to as (fake) policemike55 or simply policemike55.

Fake/New Policemike55

policemike55 quit in 2015, and later sold his account to a newer player, a midfag who joined in 2013. He has went on to admit this. The new policemike55 was an active general and participant in the controversial Seventh Incursion and would also later go on to join the Emperium.

He concealed the fact that he was not the "real" Policemike55 for a number of years and during this time he built his reputation. When the truth finally came out in 2019, many felt betrayed by Mike but the majority knew him for who he is and not just a name and join date. The controversy eventually led to the newer mike leaving the server for good.

The account was sold to a member of The Emperium named 864 after "fake mike" went inactive.