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PastSpawnmasons (Fake Mike Only), Facepunch Republic, xcc2

policemike55 is a player that joined in early 2011 and later sold his account. The player that pretended to be him did so for several years and later became active in the Emperium and several Incursions.


policemike55 joined 2b2t in 2011, joining as part of the Facepunch Republic, and based with players such as passie05, xcc2, CreamOFTheSlop, and popbob. He based at Squid Base, Ziggy Town and Plugin Town. He is also one of few players who had access to popbob's 2012 Backdoor.

Policemike quit in 2015 and sold his account to a newer midfag. This other player is referred to as "Fake Mike" or simply policemike55.

Fake/New Policemike55

The new policemike55 was an active general and participant in the controversial Seventh Incursion and would also later go on to join the Emperium.

Though some players were suspicious, Fake Mike was generally accepted to be the original policemike. The truth about his new identity came out after iTristan contacted the original Mike and posted screenshots of their conversation in a now-deleted post on the 2b2t subreddit. Afterwards, Fake Mike left the server and sold the account name.


  • The original Mike has a completely blank YouTube channel he used to comment on various old 2b2t videos.