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Point Zenith was a group that started off as an exploit based group and transitioned into a general community-building group, without strict hierarchies or governmental structures.

Point Zenith
FoundedApril 2019
LeaderSatisfaction, paralusion



After the disbandment of Team Godmode, Point Zenith was founded by Satisfaction, jared2013, Steve3, Robeart, HAUSEVULT and Finstaa as an exploit team without any weak links. After some success and greater growth as a group, Point Zenith would turn from an exploit-based group into one based around community building and public service, creating large, obsidian spawn builds such as the Point Zenith, a castle of over 50,000 placed blocks.


The group has garnered much hate and notoriety in the 2b2t community as of the spring of 2019 due to the dismantling of the massive faction Dungannon and the griefs of many notable SpawnMason bases, such as the Golden Plains (Mothra's Tour of the Base). The group often manages to retain access to various exploits despite their patches due to the ingenuity of Steve3. One of the founders, Finstaa, later insided the group and blew up all their bases and stashes

Membership Structure

Point Zenith was noted for treating all its members equally, allowing all members to participate in events and have access to certain stashes and being very informal with its members, a stark contrast from the strict hierarchies of other factions like the SpawnMasons and others. Membership was voted on publicly by the members and supporters of the group, ultimately decided upon by an administrator, or Satisfaction himself.


Satisfaction, paralusion

Co Owner/Admin

HAUSEVULT, Steve3 Admin

Prerequisitenope Mod(s)

Eean Helper

Vexxer232, Nambrose, V9, prerequisitenope Project Leader(s)

Trusted - _bd, Abato, CCody, CodeMePlz, Eean, CharleyPepito, Froschian, Nambrose, Grandbuster ,Hencsh ,H2Hermit, Snow_Squid, prerequisitenope, Nukelord, Vexxer232, EMMC, FluffyRaptor, v9, weedoe

Point Zenith Members - All 'Trusted' Members,

John200410, Infi, Jack_____, kka, Nemac, TheTroll2001, Tyr4nn1c, WOKENTREE, Solour, MegaAlphaVulcan, YouKnowTheDeal, ChickenNickel, Elijahd1, greenkeep, Spaceoutt Supporters

Gambino, LolRiTTeR

The main members have since moved to The Book Club and later The brownmen and have run the groups on the same premise.

Notable Members

  • Satisfaction
  • paralusion
  • Steve3_
  • jared2013
  • Nambrose
  • Finstaa (insider)