Point Dory

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Point Dory
Inhabitants+X Digging Group
Location29998399, 235669
StartedMarch 29, 2017
Leakerxxq (beyonduseful)
GriefedMay 20, 2017
GriefersBabbaJ, Nordic93
World download
LinkNot Available

Point Dory was the official base of the +X Digging Group after the destruction of the border outpost, Point Nemo. The base lasted for around two months until it was leaked by one of its members. It was visited by FitMC, leading up to a new drama involving him.



Point Dory was founded mere days after the destruction of Point Nemo by Babbaj, almost all of the remaining trusted members of the Nether Highway Group joined the base over the next 2 weeks. The base was one of the largest ever on 2b2t, both in player count and size.



Point Dory fell due to drama with basemate xxq. After multiple attempts of him destroying parts of the Hall of Heroes, xxq ran off on his own. When he was eventually questioned about why he left, he blamed his various basemates for harassing him. After weeks of uncertainty, xxq caved in all that he knew and it was revealed that his account NTTWestJPN was an alt shared with jared2013.

MiningMinecraft also discovered that his copy, the only copy of Mein Kampf 121 and iTristan's 32k leggings were missing. xxq decided to share coordinates of jared2013's base. MiningMinecraft and Joeilk proceeded to raid the base in the dead of night and steal back Mein Kampf 121. Tristan's 32k leggings were recovered from one of xxq's shulkers and the group gathered to decide on xxq's fate. After days of deliberation, it was decided by Byrnsy that xxq would be kicked from the group and base.


Days later, the coords to the base were then publicly leaked by xxq and Point Dory was griefed days later by Babbaj and Nordic93. A battle during the griefing ensued where Joeilk and MiningMinecraft killed Babbaj, sending him to spawn but Nordic93 managed to escape the defenders and combat logged. The base was then destroyed later that day once the defenders logged off.