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FoundedJune 3, 2023

Pneuma is a multipurpose group that focuses on building large bases.



Pneuma was founded by notjohnless on June 3rd, 2023. After advertising in chat, HitTheDash, one of Pneuma's current executives, joined the group and was a major part of Pneuma's early growth.

Weeks after the creation of Pneuma, the group had a solid core of members that actively were building at the main base. The base, which did not have a name, was griefed on June 18th 2023 by player IPlay2B.

After moving bases, the group slowly became inactive and disbanded sometime in late July.


Pneuma was revived by notjohnless and HitTheDash on January 22nd, 2024. The entirety of Pneuma's ranking system was redone and recruiting started again. Pneuma's main base at the time, which was later called Orion, was being created in the background by notjohnless and HitTheDash during the recruitment process for the reformation of the group. Orion would be the base for Pneuma's Senior members, the highest rank at the time. After recruiting, members _Shepard, Mogelpeter69420, and Fluentry were selected from the newly recruited Junior members and promoted to Senior.

A new wave of recruits joined; one being Vesley1235, one of Pneuma's current Executives. Later, Fluentry would become an Executive as well. After a discussion with the executives at the time, Fluentry, HitTheDash, and notjohnless, it was decided they would promote the selected recruits, Moosaab, rulzr4, and Vesley1235 up to Senior.

A side view of Orion

Orion, Pneuma's main base at the time, thrived with the introduction of the new Senior members. During this time, a new rank was created; Veteran was added above Senior as an invite-only rank. Orion was changed from a "Senior exclusive" base to a "Veteran only" base, and all existing Senior members were instantly promoted to Veteran. Orion was eventually found three months later by MahiroKaname who stumbled across the base as it was only thirty thousand blocks off the highway. Some notable builds at the base were Billy Bob's Hotel, Moosa's Castle, Shepard's Hideout, and Vesley's boat.

Crusaders Conflict

Weeks following Orion being found, three Junior members were removed for suspicions of insiding Pneuma. In the background of the construction of Pneuma's new main base, Fluentry made it known that he would be forming his own group called the Crusaders. Notjohnless would not be involved with this new group and Fluentry, along with Moosaab and rulzr4, were removed from Pneuma after an Executive meeting was held. Security concerns, particularly regarding the creation of the Crusaders, led to the removal of these three members. Many of Pneuma's removed members went to join the newly formed group, Crusaders. After a few Crusader members slandered notjohnless in the chat and went to Orion, the old main base, to change the map art used to advertise Pneuma at spawn, Pneuma took action by obtaining coordinates to a base where several Crusader members were staying. Pnuema partnered with Emperium and transferred the entire stash and griefed the base, posting two videos on YouTube of the grief.

On April 29th, 2024, notjohnless and Fluentry, the founder of Crusaders, agreed on peace, halting all slander from both sides. Pneuma agreed to return some of the items taken from the griefed base back to Crusader members.

Pneuma's Banner


1.) Owner

2.) Executive

3.) Veteran

4.) Senior

5.) Member

6.) Junior

7.) Recruit

8.) Retired

Foreign Relations

Emperium: Alliance

DonFuer: Alliance

Highland: Alliance

Crusaders: Previously enemies, peace treaty

The Generic Space Company: Previously allied

Members (As of May 28, 2024)



A build at Pneuma's first Junior base


  • Winterholm
  • Arboror




  • MinionSkibidi


Former Members

  • Fluentry (Removed)
  • Shrekiskool (Removed)
  • B0ng0w4ter (Removed)
  • rulzr4 (Removed)
  • Moosaab (Removed)
  • EggUp (Removed)
  • Prashu (Removed)
  • DavidGoggin (Removed)
  • Dozcs (Removed)
  • Google2b2t (Removed)
  • DaggerGotAim (Removed)
  • floorcat (Removed)
  • haramb3e (Inactive)
  • SamOO7 (Inactive)
  • Mogelpeter69420 (Inactive)
  • _Shepard (Inactive)
  • ByzantineEnjoyer (Inactive)
  • rxxyv (Inactive)
  • SamOO7 (Inactive)
  • AntiSpecial (Removed)
  • ownsunbun1206 (Removed)
  • TACKYh (Removed)
  • glatica (Removed)
  • TheRealYiDa3458 (Removed)
  • Talan103 (Removed)
Several Veteran members at Orion a second before the update to 1.20.


  • The name "Pneuma" is a reference to a band called TOOL's song, Pneuma. The word pneuma is a Greek word that is translated to breath or spirit.

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