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Plugin Town was a base that was made in the very early times of 2b2t and was known for how it was built. The base was built by popbob, xcc2, and several others using creative mode, which popbob granted to them with his backdoor.

Plugin Town
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Type Town
Status Destroyed
Beginning Sometime in 2011
Completion Sometime in 2011
Builder(s) popbob, xcc2, several others
Other denizens popbob, xcc2, several others
Coordinates ???
Approx. date demolished Was destroyed over time (no massive grief)
Demolishers Common raiders, explorers, and looters


The base was filled with riches, with gold, iron and diamond blocks being used as decoration and even foundation for particular buildings. Since the base was made during the Beta days of minecraft, the builders were restricted to using the comparatively few blocks available at the time, so they did their best to make the base look nice.


The base was eventually abandoned when Hausemaster removed the creative mode access of the builders. It was left to the tides of anarchy and was eventually griefed by several raiders and people who stumbled upon the base, looting and destroying all the riches.

Authentic picture of Plugin Town being found by a facepuncher from late 2011.
The thumbnail of a FitMC video in which the town was discussed.