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Plugin Town
BeginningLate December 2011
CompletionEarly to mid 2012
Builder(s)popbob, xcc2, passie05, policemike55, assassinraptor, iclover, CreamOFtheSlop, Polly_the_Parrot, x0XP
Other denizenspopbob, xcc2, passie05, policemike55, assassinraptor, iclover, CreamOFtheSlop, Polly_the_Parrot, x0XP
CoordinatesX: 82726, Y: 65, Z: 66639
Approx. date demolishedWas destroyed over time (no massive grief)
DemolishersCommon raiders, explorers, and looters

Plugin Town was a base that was made in the very early days of 2b2t and was known for how it was built. The base was built by popbob, xcc2, and several others using TooManyItems, which popbob granted to them with his backdoor.


After Passietown was griefed by luke2thebun in December 2011, many of the members, including xcc2, passie05, popbob and policemike55, left and founded a new base.

Using a plugin that he created for Hausemaster, popbob gave himself access to the TooManyItems mod, which meant that the base members had virtually unlimited resources at their disposal. Since the base was made during the Beta version of Minecraft, the builders were restricted to using the comparatively few blocks available at the time, so they did their best to make the base look nice. This backdoor access would eventually give the base the name Plugin Town.


The base was filled with riches, with gold, iron and diamond blocks being used as decoration and even foundation for particular buildings. The first build that was constructed at Plugin Town was a central tower topped with diamond blocks that acted as a storage space. One of the most recognizable builds at the base was passie05’s “dwarf tunnels”, a series of large underground tunnels decorated with obsidian, diamond, gold and iron blocks.

Each base member built their own distinctive builds at Plugin Town; assassinraptor built a Viking mead hall, popbob built a small tower surrounded with a stone wall, x0XP built a house with a “0” made of diamond blocks on the roof, xcc2 build a huge mansion made out of sandstone, and policemike55 built a large castle made entirely out of diamond and gold blocks.[1]


After popbob used his plugin to teleport to various bases and grief them, Hausemaster removed the plugin that caused the backdoor. Soon after this, Plugin Town was abandoned and the players who based there split up. It was eventually griefed by several raiders and people who stumbled upon the base, looting and destroying all the riches. Coldwave visited the base a few years later and restored some of the builds, but they were eventually griefed again.[2]



  • xcc2 stopped working on his mansion after assassinraptor built his Viking house in the way
  • Popbob and xcc2 were planning to build a large version of one of popbob’s trademark glass domes, but popbob couldn't get the outline to line up, got frustrated, and abandoned the project
  • The base originally had no name, and was only given the name “Plugin Town” months after its creation


Fastvincent1’s video -

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Authentic picture of Plugin Town being found by a facepuncher from late 2011.
The thumbnail of a FitMC video in which the town was discussed.