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Pitfight or Pit fight is a recurring, monthly Spawn event in which players participate in Crystal PvP battles to win prizes. It was inspired by Forceken's Fight Club events.

The PitFight PitCrew!



The event was started and designed by AnimeTiddie, who was inspired by other Spawn events like Fight Club. He is also the leader of the group Obscension.

Pitfight I

The first event occurred on May 29 2021, when Mew Revolution tried to reboot the original Fight Club event. It soon turned into a Crystal PvP event and inspired An1metiddie to concentrate solely on CPvP tournaments.[1]

Pitfight II

The second event was held on June 20 2021, and consisted of multiple decorative buildings around a fighting pit at bedrock level. Before the coords went public, they were mistakenly leaked in public chat. It was partially griefed by OrbOfWater, c0mmie_, Judo (Bowfag), and FrogDog. It was won by the SyndicateNA.[2]

Pitfight III

The third event, which was held on July 17 2021, contained an arena based on the famous 'Nuketown' level from the Call of Duty franchise. _xMeh was announced the winner.[3]

Pitfight IV

The fourth event was held on August 7 2021, with an arena based on an original build based on Isengard from The Lord of the Rings franchise, built at an earlier Obscension base.[4] The event attracted over thirty people, including the streamers digandbuilder and fastvincent1.[5] The event resulted in a shared victory between players youfoundstand and Eternal_Fin.

Pitfight V

The fifth event was held on September 18th,, 2021, in an arena built in the end. The structure, designed by Franknificant, was a spaceship inspired by 'High Charity' from the Halo franchise and consisted of over 600,000 blocks of obsidian. The event was won by BIKMUNNI, who won $100 and one double chest of kits. [6]

Pitfight VI

The sixth event was a huge underground church, with a labyrinth maze of tunnels and canals to fight in. The event was held on October 23rd, 2021, and the event was also slightly Halloween themed. Fiddlesticks98 won 1st place, won the usual prize of $100. [7]

Pitfight VII

The seventh event was a giant Colosseum shaped arena in the Nether, surrounded by lava. The arena was designed and built by Svenn_Svenn, one of the members of the Pit Crew. The event was held on November 20th, 2021, but unfortunately, due to No Server November, the server crashed in the middle of the event and the event was postponed to December, and An1metiddie declared no one to have won the event. [8]

Pitfight VIII

The eight event was on a battleship in the middle of the ocean. The event was held on December 18th, 2021, and Sammm won 1st place, and a prize of $100 once more. [9]

Pitfight IX

The ninth event was formatted slightly differently from previous events. The arena was made up for multiple floating themed islands (Pirate, Greek, etc.) surrounding a lighthouse island. There were teams, led by the players oofplux, cumermen, rwah, and vertzsz, with around 12 people on each team. The objective for each team was to kill as many players from the other teams as possible, defend their own beacon on their own islands, and destroy beacons of other teams. The winners would be decided by individual players on each team who lasted the longest. The event was held on January 22, 2022, and was won by Arkloe, who won the standard prize of $100. [10]

Pitfight X

The tenth event was held on an amusement park themed arena, with rollercoasters and Ferris wheels galore. The event was held on February 19th, 2022, and was won by three players: rwah, eternal_fin, Elesuor, and Baconator326, who all received $40 individually. The prize was split because of server lag and a server restart happening right in between the event, and so based on the referee decision, those three players were awarded the prizes. [11]

Pitfight XI

The eleventh event was held on a recreation of Bomb-omb battlefield from Super Mario 64. The event was held on March 19th, 2022. The following players won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively: Ruyna, cumerman, and stex. They split a prize pool of $200, 1st receiving $100, 2nd receiving $60, and 3rd receiving $40.[12]

Pitfight XII

The twelfth and final monthly PitFight event was held March 30th, 2022. The arena was a recreation of the map "Hunted" from the video game Call of Duty Black Ops III. The event was unique in the fact that only past winners were allowed to compete for prize money. The winner was SyndicateNA who won a prize of $200. This event was the second largest event to ever take place on 2b2t at the time with a total of 107 players attending.[13]

Pitfight XIII

The thirteenth event was held on the 6th of August 2022 in a large Colosseum/Maze that surrounded a colossal statue of a Minotaur, inspired by the ancient tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. This event was special in the fact that guests were asked to wear suits, and the spectator arena was decorated as a banquet hall. The event attracted 80 players, and was won by Jaydon. [14]

Pitfight XIV

PitFight 14 was held on December 17th 2022. The event was originally to be held in a large Obsidian church designed by An1me, however, the church was griefed the night before the event by players trying to "Cancel PitFight". Despite their best efforts PitFight 14 continued on schedule on a back up arena, a replica of PitFight 8. $280 were given to the winners. $140 went to Wao for first, $80 to 1drw for 2nd, and $60 to FusionGG for 3rd place.

It was later discovered that the original arena for this event was most likely leaked by a former pit crew member.


Members (Pit Crew)

  1. AnimeTiddie (An1metiddie)
  2. Bigokewang (Lrgemaleorgan)
  3. Svenn_Svenn
  4. Chiwarn
  5. FreeLees
  6. KitNightingale
  7. Mindhax
  8. Opo (Hasuemaster)
  9. 7red
  10. C y b e r s p a c e S i r e n
  11. Fresh_Herbs
  12. CuppyK
  13. Osmobyte
  14. RLbob
  15. Phyxics
  16. GodOfTheOceans
  17. VozioProductions