Piston Dupe

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The Piston Dupe was the first duplication exploited and used on the server.
Piston Dupe
TypeDuplication exploit
Date First UsedJuly 2011
Date LeakedJuly 2011
Date PatchedJuly 8, 2011


A group of Facepunchers duping Gold Blocks with the Piston Dupe on July 5, 2011.

A video performing it was published on Youtube by a user named Kiershar on July 1st 2011.[1] The exploit involved using a ‘redstone clock’ to make a piston and a sticky piston move rapidly forever but with the normal piston one tick ahead of the other. If blocks were placed in front of the activated sticky piston, they would be duplicated. The exploit was mostly used by the members of the Facepunch Republic during the ongoing Facepunch War, but was also used by other players such as xcc2 to dupe red wool blocks for his arch towers at NFE. It was patched when 2b2t updated to Java Edition Beta 1.7.3.[2]