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"dingle bongle"
JoinedJuly 31, 2022
BasesDonFuer 25, Aurorion, Odyssea, Dubrovnik, SBA 49-51 Many SpawnFuers, DreiFuer, Sperg Club 2, Don Myr, Spawnquarium, Wingston IV, SteamFuer, Don Maximus, FutureFuer, Dingus Bongus, Geezer Town 6, DonFuer 27
PastCakemasons, Astral Brotherhood, Spawn Builders Association, Noble Covenant, DonFuer, Collective, Wingston, Vapepens Elite Alliance

Phosph0lipid (often simply called Phospho or Phos) is a builder, who specializes in building in a unique futuristic style. She has built with a variety of groups and has contributed to bases such as DonFuer 25, SteamFuer, Dubrovnik, and DonFuer 27.


Phosph0lipid joined the server on July 31, 2022 as a builder. She joined the building group DonFuer, building at many SpawnFuers and eventually at their main base, Donfuer 25.

In Febuary of 2023, the Connect 4 drama led Phosph0lipid to leak the DonFuer oath, getting her banned from the group. She then began joining other groups such as the Astral Brotherhood and the Noble Covenant.

After a few months, Phosph0lipid began to reintegrate herself into DonFuer after talking with Lukent. She began as a guest in their discord and led the base, FutureFuer, a futuristic style base where she was the most active builder. On June 6, 2023, she was allowed back into Donfuer and regained her high-ranking status in the group. She was invited to build at several high-profile bases such as Steamfuer and Don Maximus. She was later removed from the Astral Brotherhood due to personal disputes with other members.

After the fall of Don Maximus, Phosph0lipid worked with Traveeseemo to found Aledondria, which later became Donfuer 27. This base was the first Greco-Roman/Egyptian-Themed base in Donfuer History. She was one of the most active builders at this base and helped lead the base until it was leaked and griefed in January 2024. Not long after, she became a Viceroy in DonFuer.

As of May of 2024, Phosph0lipid is no longer an active player on 2b2t.