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"Looking forward to playing with some awesome facepunchers and watch some drama shit go down."
JoinedJuly 4, 2011
BasesFort Casual Friday, Zion, 2k2k, numerous other Facepunch bases
Alternative Accountsjimino (also used by others)[1]
PastFacepunch Republic

Phagocytic, commonly called Phago, was a prominent member of the Facepunch Republic who joined in July 2011. He eventually became the second, and ultimately final, leader of the group, reviving the Republic in April 2012. He is known for being the caretaker of 2k2k until the Republic collapsed in June 2012, after which he left 2b2t forever.


Phagocytic joined 2b2t in July 2011 from the initial Facepunch thread created by chezhead, his first message being on July 4, 2011.[2] He became part of a number of Facepunch bases, including Outpost Raptor I and Fort Casual Friday, and he quickly became a prominent member of the group. During an attack by 4channer luke2thebun on July 7, he organized coordinates for a new base.[3] He would later become a member of Zion, the last remaining Facepunch base remaining from the 'summer of Facepunch'. On April 1, 2012, he created the fourth 2b2t thread on Facepunch, reviving the Republic, and becoming the leader of it.[4]


Just keep trying to get to base 2k2k, and then defend it from raiders and help your fellow Facepunchers. If you see someone approaching, ask them if they are Facepunch. If they do not respond or seem suspicious, kill them.
- Phagocytic, April 1, 2012[1]

After Phagocytic took over as leader, he decided that all remaining Facepunchers should meet up at X:-2000 Z:-2000, and make a base there. He was instrumental in rallying dozens of Facepunchers there. Around this time, Phagocytic invited a player named xarviar to Zion, who was initially friendly. After he found out that Phagocytic was responsible for the influx of Facepunchers to the server, he leaked the base, on April 5, 2012.[5] After Zion was compromised, 2k2k was renamed in honor of the base, though most players still referred to it as 2k2k. Because of the base's close proximity to Spawn and the fact that the coordinates were regularly posted in chat by Facepunchers, the base was heavily and repeatedly griefed and lavacasted. After a couple of months, most of the Facepunchers had either moved on and left the group, or quit 2b2t altogether. After June 2012, when 2k2k was officially abandoned, Phagocytic left 2b2t and never returned. His account was supposedly bedtrapped, though there is little evidence to support this.



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