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"Looking forward to playing with some awesome facepunchers and watch some drama shit go down."
Approx. JoinedEarly July 2011
Alt. Accountsjimino (also used by others)[1]
PastFacepunch Republic

Phagocytic, or Phago, was an oldfaggot and member of the Facepunch Republic. He eventually became the second, and ultimately final, leader of the group. Phago is also best known for being the "caretaker" of 2k2k.



Phagocytic joined the server from the initial Facepunch thread created by chezhead and became part of a number of Facepunch bases, including Fort Casual Friday. He would later become a member of Zion, the last base built during the “summer of Facepunch”.


After chezhead gave up leadership of the Republic, Phago took over as leader and decided that all remaining Facepunchers should meet up at -2000, -2000, and make a base. This base would initially be known simply as 2k2k, but after Zion was griefed in early April, the base was renamed in honor of Zion, though most players still referred to it as 2k2k. Because of the base’s close proximity to spawn and the fact that the coordinates were regularly posted in chat by Facepunchers, the base was heavily and repeatedly griefed and lavacasted. After a couple of months, most of the Facepunchers had either moved on and left the group, or quit 2b2t altogether. After June 2012, when 2k2k was officially abandoned, Phagocytic left 2b2t and never returned. His account was supposedly bedtrapped, though there is little evidence to support this.

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