The Penny Dropper was an XP farm at Spawn that was first constructed in 2015 by jared2013 and taylo112 during the Third Incursion. It was deliberately lavacasted to prevent its discovery by other players. The Penny Dropper has gone through a series of renovations, notably in 2017 by maxtorcd55.

Penny Dropper
Screenshot of Penny Dropper by FoxKun40
Inhabitantstaylo112, Anhora, jared2013
LocationX:-1100 Z:830
World download
LinkNot Available


The Penny Dropper was founded by taylo112 and jared2013 during the Third Incursion.[1][2] It served as a base to create and repair armor and weapons during their feud with the members of the Incursion. This base consisted of the large central gold farm and several other underground farms. Several lavacasts were deliberately placed on top of the farm to hide its existence and protect it from griefers.

After the end of the Third Incursion, the Penny Dropper was griefed by jared2013 himself, as he believed such a large gold farm at Spawn to be too beneficial for new players. Since, the Penny Dropper has experienced continuous waves of griefs and repairs, causing many extra rooms, farms, and ruins to appear through the years.[3][4][5]