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Minecraft banner 97g95bz9v converted.png
Peacekeeper Banner
July 8th, 2016
Sometime in 2018
40 at height
PandaSauceYT, EmeraldGirlYT, Stormerpro600, rmp500, Da99thWolf, FrozenYogurt
Peacekeepers' HQ, second Peacekeeper HQ, Napkin's dupe bases, Berry Farm, Hydra Base, Two Trees, Dumes, Atlantis, Eternal Peak, several other spawn bases and dupe bases. Many more unknown.

The Peacekeepers are a group on 2b2t that started on July 8th, 2016 when PandaSauceYT started a series on his channel with the word "peacekeepers" in each episode. The group was originally based on the idea of Team Equinox, as the original idea for the Peacekeepers was to essentially "keep the peace" and attack both Team Rusher and Team Veteran. As The Rusher War escalated, the Peacekeepers began gaining attention as a legitimate group by both Rushers and Veterans. Eventually, the Peacekeepers ditched their third team/neutrality ideology and sided with Team Rusher. The Peacekeepers essentially became somewhat of a sub group of Team Rusher as Napkin0fTruth, Rusher's faction friend and rival, decided to defect from Team Veteran to the Peacekeepers. From then on, the two teams essentially worked together and Rusher gained his first god gear from a Peacekeeper dupe stash, given to him by Napkin.


Peacekeeper Bird

The Peacekeepers were the last remaining (active) Pro-Rusher group to still roam the server after the war, playing a key role in the Reich vs Aurora vs PK war. They were enemies with both The 4th Reich and Team Aurora, as they fight, grief, and skirmish against each other.

When the mini war ended after the 5th Incursion, the group eventually left the server for about 4-5 months, which led to many to believe that the group died. However, PandasauceYT simply did what Neda T did in which he brought his group to other servers. Panda also started his own server where him and his peacekeeper buddies hang out.

Eventually, on March 19th, 2017, PandasauceYT and the rest of the peacekeeper hierarchy returned to 2b2t. They currently PvP at spawn and talk in chat. Bitterness between the Peacekeepers and Aurora continued as PandaSauce and others were talking trash about Aurora and Aurora retaliated with griefing one of their bases. This base was insided but was empty and no one cared for it. The group decided to make a small spawn base but was griefed. Members continue to regularly play on 2b2 During Summer 2017, the Peacekeepers fought the SpawnMasons at spawn quite often. The first battle occurred on June 4th 2017, they ambushed torogadude at spawn causing him to log, eventually resulting in a huge fight between both groups. However, the SpawnMasons retreated because FitMC (also streaming at the time and joined the fight) had to go because he had "stuff to do in real life". Both sides claimed victory, the SpawnMasons claimed victory because their main goal was to get toro to safety and the Peacekeepers claimed victory because the masons retreated. When the Spawn Masons disbanded in August 2017 due to inside conflicts, the Peacekeepers were pretty dominant over spawn, they changed their ranking system and kicked a large portion of members.

Custom Flag
The new updated Peacekeeper Flag.
Second Banner

A small conflict began to build up with Highland after the disbandment of the SpawnMasons. The Peacekeepers disliked a leader of Highland at the time, DieloTai. No battles were fought at spawn, the only time these groups fought each other was when Highland deliberately gave up their spawn camp coordinates so they could move and make a new one. The Peacekeepers arrived at the base while they were all afk, this resulted in a fight at the camp and Highland loosing, all members were killed except for DieloTai who cowardly ran away and PK sustained no casualties.

PK became ghosts after that, many members became inactive or quit 2b2t and those who remained went solo. IHackedWalmart (already a high ranking member in PK) helped Metrez and many others dig the -x highway in late 2017. In early 2018 AlphaCentauriA1 made a group for the remaining active members, The Saviours, he also made IHackedWalmart a leader of this group. The Saviours did not last long at all, the discord became inactive quite quickly because everyone joined the recently reformed Team Inferno, now Infrared that IHackedWalmart was a co leader of, the saviours discord was deleted two months later for seeing little to no activity. The Peacekeepers joined the Alpha Alliance, Infrared, Highland and PK were the first three groups in the Alliance, it was made to rival the United Group Embassy. Highland and PK allied due to this common enemy and put their old past behind them.

Late-2018 Revival

In November 2018, Pandasauce quit 2b2t and handed over leadership of PK to IHackedWalmart, for the first month of PK under Walmart's leadership nothing really happened except Walmart inviting some friends of his who were in Highland such as bigbullet. After some drama with Iridium, Walmart decided he would actually do something with PK, he made the discord and began to let in more members and made bigbullet a leader alongside him, Iridium later disbanded with Retronaut later joining the newly revived PK, that revived on December 16th, 2018. PK never came of anything in early 2019 as it is now simply a meme.

File:2b2t-symbol orig.png
Peacekeeper symbol


  • Team Rusher - The relation between Peacekeepers and Team Rusher was very strong due to Rusher's factions friend and rival, Napkin0fTruth, joined the team. Napkin claimed that the Peacekeepers were 90% with Rushers and 10% with Veterans.
  • Team Veteran - Despite Napkin's claim of the Peacekeepers being 10% with the Veterans, the Veterans considered them as an enemy. Team Veteran especially wanted revenge on Napkin for ditching their group.
  • Resistance - The relation between the two teams remained relatively neutral throughout the war until about the end of the war when Napkin had a dispute with the Resistance member GoDzOneManArmy. The dispute resulted in some bitterness between the two, however no sort of attacks have been conducted against each other.
  • Team Aurora - Team Aurora instigated attacks against the Peacekeepers after the Rusher War as Team Aurora was a pro-Veteran group and the Peacekeepers were a pro-Rusher group. The group dragged the Peacekeepers into a Three Way War along with the 4th Reich. The two groups were due to be allies with the agreement of the Triple Treaty between Team Aurora, Peacekeepers, and The Blind Eye Clan (Previously Ragnarok) against the 4th Reich. However, this was interrupted by the 4th Reich and the two continued to be enemies. When the Peacekeepers returned in March of 2017, they continued this enmity with Team Aurora as they conducted a raid against each other.
  • The 4th Reich - The two groups were enemies since the Peacekeepers sided with the Rushers and they continued to fight after The Rusher War. The Peacekeepers are currently in a three way war between The 4th Reich and Team Aurora. The Peacekeepers, however are now allies with The 4th Reich.
  • The Blind Eye Clan (was Ragnarok) - Peacekeepers were allies with Team Ragnarok, due to the Triple Treaty between Team Aurora, Peacekeepers, and The Blind Eye Clan. However, the clan disbanded when the treaty failed after 4th Reich intervention.
  • SpawnMasons - Peacekeepers are enemies with the SpawnMasons due to oldfag hate from the Rusher War.
  • The Emperium - Despite several fights between both groups, they still remain relatively neutral. However, the Peacekeepers did join the Alpha Alliance and help fight the Emperium, making both of them enemies.
  • Highland - The Peacekeepers disliked Highland for a long time, now they are friendly with each other and are now exchanging members.
  • Team Rainbow - Despite initial hostilities with Team Aurora, the Peacekeepers became allies with Team Rainbow in the Alpha Alliance


  • The peacekeepers are the last active pro-rusher group to exist after the Rusher War. They are also the longest lasting as they have been in existence for over 2 years, while the rest died out about a month after the war ended.
  • Grew to become one of the most hated groups on the server
  • The peacekeepers, along with Aurora, have spread their influence to other servers.
  • The peacekeeper ranking system changed from a tier/level based system (i.e. Tier I/Level I) to a member based one (Member, Elite, Leader, etc.)
  • The Peacekeepers were considered to be around the second strongest group on the server, now it's hardly considered.
  • There were several other groups that called themselves peacekeepers during the Rusher War, however, Pandasauce's turned out to be the strongest and the one that lasted the entirety of the war, outliving and merging many of the neutral groups into it.
  • Before 2b2t PandaSauceYT owned a Minecraft server named AncientArk, after his join of 2b PandaSauceYT deleted all known videos of AncientArk on his youtube account and also closing down the server (he has plans to re open it)
  • The peacekeepers are known for always saying "PK ON TOP"

Notable Members

Old Member List (Rusher period)

Post-Rusher Member List (Not All But Most)

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