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BasesNFE, Passietown, Ziggy base, Plugin Town, 2k2k, Asgard I, NFE 2020
Alternative Accountsfaalbanaan
PastFacepunch Republic

passie05, colloquially known as passie, was an oldfag that joined in early-2011 from a 4chan post. He became a member of the Facepunch Republic before moving onto many more notable acts, including building the Bedrock Comet at ZiggyBase.


The Bedrock Comet being built by passie05 with his alt account faalbanaan
Passies 4 Castles at The Jungle Saucer base

passie joined from a 4chan post in early-2011. He later based and helped create many notable landmarks such as Passietown and ZiggyBase.

When Passie joined the server, there were players trying to recruit at spawn, after running around spawn, he got into contact with pYr01v1aniac, and joined his underwater base. Unfortunately, that base would only last a few days. After this, Passie played alone for some time, creating small bases near spawn. while playing, Passie met players like Policemike55, iClover and Squidgeymon.

After his spawnbase base was griefed he decided to meet up and create a base with some of the players he had met.

They went out about 50k blocks and created an underground base colloquially called The Squid Police, after a few weeks it was griefed and most of the base members left, except Passie05 and policemike55. Together they ended up traveling a lot further to 300k and created Passietown. Since policemike55 was inactive during the start of the base, it was very lonely, so Passie got into contact with xcc2 and invited him to the base. Later more people joined like Popbob, CreamOFtheSlop and Polly_the_Parrot ,and contributed to the base. Shortly after it was griefed by Luke2thebun, Passie, xcc2, policemike55, popbob and CreamOFtheSlop set out to create a new base. Shortly after creating the new base, Popbob gained backdoor access and the base was turned into Plugin Town. also during this time, Passie and Xcc2 tried to restore spawn by removing lava casts and planting trees.

Not to long after, Passie and xcc2 got into contact with Ziggy and decided to create a spawn base. they traveled to -400, 800 nether and found a small abandoned base. Which they expanded further into ZiggyBase. After a lot of drama surrounding ZiggyBase occurred, and its griefing, Passie stopped playing for a while and took a break. A few months later, when he returned, Passie joined the Jungle Saucer base that xcc2 and some other builders created. Instead of building there, he decided to create a solo base nearby which started as an underwater base but later became Passies 4 Castles. In June 2012, he built the famous Bedrock Comet at ZiggyBase with the help of ImperatorTerrae, which would last until August 2020.[1] Today, Passie still plays 2b2t occasionally with their longtime friend Xcc2.