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Parthicus Skin.png
JoinedEarly 2011

Parthicus is an oldfag who joined from 4chan in early 2011.



Parthicus' Wolf's Den
Interior of Wolf's Den
Items retrieved from omaliymix's hacked item stash including sponges, bedrock, and end portal frames.

Parthicus found 2b2t while browsing the /v/ board of 4chan in early 2011. After playing for a short time, he left the server until much later in the year. Upon rejoining in late 2011, Parthicus moved to mcshmeggy's base, Cuirass Castle. In early 2012, Parthicus left Cuirass Castle and created Wolf's Den. While there, he built an illegal End portal using portal frames he stole from omaliymix. He also raided an unnamed base owned by shougun and x0xp and traded the items to KJOLLA, who brought much of it to Imperator's Base. After the End portal was removed from the Wolf's Den, Parthicus moved to The Lands.


Parthicus based at the Lands for before moving first to a base called "1 Mil town", then to Valkyria. He would return intermittently to the Lands and grief various bases until the fall of the Lands in March of 2016. Parthicus founded Rishada, and raided CreamOFtheSlop and xXpr3datorXx's base. Their base was unnamed, but also housed popbob and taylo. Housed at Rishada were 32K Weapons stolen from AlphaComputer and iTristan. Also at Rashida was a trading hall built by YellowstoneJoe.[1] Rashida was griefed in early 2016 by jared2013. Parthicus subsequently based at Space Valkyria 2 with Jacktherippa until its grief.


Following the coming of TheCampingRusher, Parthicus griefed extensively, destroying such bases as C4RTM4N's 2b2t Creative Mode Project on December 27, 2016, and Ironfarm Base on March 31, 2017.