Pacific Heights

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Pacific Heights
Pacific Heights, base center in the background
InhabitantsLifeisgood72, Rojos, Sevorus, Gizmonster, Im_Mary, Donster
Started21 November, 2016
Finished4 January, 2017
Griefers0xymoron, Slappnbadkids
World download
LinkWorld Download


Pacific Heights was a group base founded by Lifeisgood72 on November 21, 2016 and destroyed by 0xymoron and Slappnbadkids on January 4, 2017. The base was founded around the time of the 20/20 dupe. The base was originally supposed to be a 1900s wild western town, however the dupe led to a more expensive building style to be chosen. Pacific Heights is derived from the name of a well known neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. Lifeisgood72 invited friends from another server he administrated, as well as Donster.


The builds take on a futuristic theme, and are derived from real-life modern architecture. The Burj Al Arab from Dubai is featured prominently in the base, and all buildings have a grid-like street layout surrounding them. Visionary floating highways and cars, along with an underground subway system to transport players to different parts of the city were started, but never finished.


On January 1st, Donster arrived at the base after being invited by Lifeisgood72. After taking a world download, uploading cinematics to his Youtube, and adding the base to his Vault clone server, he gave the coordinates to 0xymoron, who subsequently invited Slappnbadkids to grief the base together on stream. On January 4th, 2017, Pacific Heights was griefed. It took 2 weeks for Donster to give Lifeisgood72 the only world download of the base.

View of the Burj Al Arab