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PRThomas is a well known seller/duper in more recent 2b2t history, he is very widely known for his mass banner production/placement around spawn, beginning in early 2019.

JoinedDecember 2017
Alternative AccountsPRThomalt
PastThe Bannering


PRThomas' banner

PRThomas joined 2b2t in December 2017 as a normal newfag on 2b2t. PRThomas spent most of his early times exploring, trading and building. When he started out, a group of four new players including him met on the x+ highway. They founded the now 'dead' group ALNG, which stands for 'ALL LOOT NO GRIEF', of which PRThomas is the only person who still plays on the server from that group (that he is aware of). His first 3 proper bases were with members of the group. The group peaked at ~30 members, but fell apart quickly due to the inexperience of the members, with most members leaving and an insider leaking a base. After the decline of ALNG and grief of its last major base, PRThomas went far from spawn where he built 2 bases, Golden Hills and a smaller unnamed base. During the lifespan of Golden hills, his main account did not leave the base once, alt accounts were used for all other activities. Around October 2018, PRThomas left the server, but came back in January 2019 to participate in the 2911 dupe base and StashX, where the wealth needed to start The Bannering was gained.

The discord server for The Bannering was created in February 2019, marking the start of the mass placement of banners. After growing in size, an item shop was added to the server, and in July, the server was reworked to be more like a group. The server grew to 800—1000 members, and slowly declined until May 2020, when a long term member turned on the group and self-botted his discord account, banning all non-admin members. Although there is currently no discord server and the group was informally disbanded, some members continue to place banners, including PRThomas.


This is a mostly complete record of all significant bases PRThomas built or was involved in, however some entries are intentionally unrecorded for various reasons.

Format: Base Name (otherwise unknown), Condition, creation time, members, additional information.

-Unnamed, Raided and minorly greifed, made in early-mid 2018. Members: PRThomas, therussianwolf133, zulanu, other unknown/forgotten players.

-Unnamed, Exploded, made early-mid 2018. Members: PRThomas, therussianwolf13, zulany, shortfuze1080. Blown up shortly after being leaked on r/2b2t.

-Unnamed, Abandoned, condition unknown, made in mid 2018. Solo base.

-doenerboy's base, exploded, made unknown date. Members: PRThomas, doenerboy, doenerboy's friend (identity unknown). The base was blown up by its members after a group of french players found it during the Fuze (Baguette) Invasion.

-2911, blown up, January 2019. Members: PRThomas, mike_miner, allgoodnamesaregone, zero1up, yucide, many more unknown members. Blown up when found, griefed and then restored by mike multiple times until his disappearance from 2b2t.

-STASHX, exploded, made in January of 2019. Members: PRThomas, AllGoodNameRGone, Ironhide_Dwarf, JKook, PaulN07, THE pumpkin GOD, zero1up, lolmaxz, CatholicKavanagh, CrystalfangFrostygrowl, Mike_embed, Mine, Ryder, SpookyTheCat, The_Human_Guy (all member names in STASHX are discord usernames/nicknames taken directly from PRThomas himself.) STASHX was a 1000+ 'dub' or doublechest dupe stash.

-Chorus, April 2019, Found and later griefed. 200 doublechests.

-unnamed main stash 1, 11 June 2019, griefed, members: PRThomas, Discusser/KateswiftHD, PaulN07, Zer01up, Elaphant, IbeGames, AllGoodNameRGone

-Unnamed main stash 2 29 June 2019, griefed by Chinese youtubers November 29, members; PRThomas, Discusser/KateswiftHD, PaulN07, Zer01up, Elaphant, IbeGames, AllGoodNameRGone

-Unnamed main stash 3 30 August 2019, griefed by Chinese youtubers, members; PRThomas, Discusser/KateswiftHD, PaulN07, Zer01up, Elaphant, IbeGames, AllGoodNameRGone

-Ginebra, The base of the republic. Built mainly by Bartelome Mitre

-Golden Hills, Greifed, founded 8th September 2018. Solo base until late 2019, when two long time Bannering members were invited. In 23rd March 2020, Crystallising, LimeStainedGlass and TheAlphaEpsilon were invited to dupe. On the 3rd April 2020, a Bannering member leaked the coords to public chat. PRThomas and Crystallising stayed and fought off the people who came until the 8th, until they decided it was time to grief it themselves when a large Chinese group began showing up.

-Private stash 1, unfound,11 April 2020 100 dub backup stash created following the grief of golden hills

-Private stash 2, unfound,15 April 2020 100 dub backup stash created following the grief of golden hills

-Yet to be named, unfound,18 April 2020 The new main stash created following the grief of golden hills.