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Joined27th June 2016
BasesSky Masons, 4th Reich Founding Base, Jewtopia, The New World, The Canyon, The 10k10k Monument, Ragnarok 3, Block Game Babylon, Block Game Jerusalem, Block Game Mecca, Mapart Island, Corner Base, Smibville, Our/Place, Spawn Migration, Rhodes, Dubrovnik, Vulcatavio, Autiststralia
GriefsHelios, The Drain, Gecko501's Tower, Wintermelon
TypeBuilder, Exploiter, Griefer
Alternative Accounts_P5, Fck2b2t, 0_6, 1_7, 2_8, MasonsHaveAdmin, ______________P5, v1ol3t
CurrentSpawnmasons, Ancients, Astral Brotherhood
Past4th Reich, Block Gamers, Shortbus Caliphate, Peacekeepers, Highland

P529 is a long-time player who joined after the Rusher invasion, and has built with multiple groups such as the SpawnMasons and Ancients. He is also known for being one of the founders of The 4th Reich.


P529 joined 2b2t about a month after the Rusher Invasion started, and quickly became established on the server. After a few days, he met Tim_McNukepants and Anar_NL. Together, they founded the The 4th Reich and started off by founding the 4th Reich Founding Base. The 4th Reich proclaimed themselves sworn enemies of The Vortex Coalition, griefing and PvPing affiliated bases and members on sight. The group served to introduce many old and new players, and also helped in the creation of such groups as Spawnmasons, Valinor (Group), and Block Gamers. The 4th Reich lasted until March 2017, when many members of the group moved to the Spawnmasons.

SpawnMasons & Ancients

P529 joined the Spawnmasons during the first degree in March 2017. After joining the SpawnMasons, he spent most of his time there building, duping and using exploiting. P529 often went to Spawn to distribute both uncommon and rare items, enabling average players to have Illegal items. Many are still in circulation today, including P5's fully enchanted and stacked chainmail armor.

Together with the Spawnmasons, he would go on to build at notable bases, including Smibville, Vulcavito and Autistralia. During Smibville, P529 began an extended break from 2b2t, and did not return until early 2022.

P529 returned to 2b2t in early 2022 as a result of iTavux's Republic, which started as an '11th Incursion' in response to the twitch streamer Ninja joining the server. While the group was shortlived, it caused many inactive players to be temporarily reintroduced into the community; P529 stayed.

Upon his return in 2022, P529 became much more active on the server, and resumed playing with the Spawnmasons, building at their main base Sky Masons. He also assisted with the Squid Games 3 event, which lead to him getting to know the newly started group the Ancients. He quickly befriended all the members, and helped with other projects such as Our/Place. He also built with them and others at the Corner Base. He was later initiated into the group as a full member, and is currently still active with both the Ancients and the SpawnMasons.