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The Overworld is one of the three vanilla dimensions in Minecraft. You spawn in the Overworld, and is one of the most active and chaotic places in the 2b2t world.


Main article: 2b2t (map)

The 2b2t map was started sometime in February 2011. Minecraft's terrain generation changes for every version you play in. For example, a chunk loaded in Beta 1.7 will not match up with a neighboring chunk loaded in 1.8, and vise-versa. All chunks loaded during this time were dubbed "Beta" or "Alpha" Chunks, a reference to older terrain generation. As the game progressed, the Overworld saw drastic changes such as:

  • A higher build limit
  • Biome changes (ex: Snowing in a desert)
  • Chunk "Glitches" (chunks neighboring each other that have different generation or deformed/reset chunks due to world corruption)

While these changes are visible in other dimensions, they are often more prominent in the Overworld. The Overworld was also the first ever dimension to generate on 2b2t as players spawn there and there was no End in 2010.


The Overworld contains many important resources, including wood, ores, stone, and many other materials that cannot be found in other dimensions.

World Border and Farlands

The Overworld World Border's history is unclear. At first, after the expansion of the -X Axis Highway, it was thought that chunks from beta were generated from a backdoor as there were prominent and visible, meaning a suspected player could've reached the World Border at this time (even though it didn't exist until 1.7/1.8). It was later confirmed to be generated by iTristan and pyrobyte in an unrelated backdoor. It was officially reached in 2017 by the Nether Highway Group via extending the +X Axis Highway.

The Farlands were a phenomenon deleted in Beta 1.8 by Mojang. They spawn at 12 million Overworld and it is thought that nobody had visited them. Fit released a video claiming a $2,000 for anyone who could prove they found them.


Transportation in the Overworld is limited, and Overworld highways are poorly maintained in comparison to their Nether counterparts. The vast majority of players use the Nether for long-distance travel, given that travelling one block in the Nether is the equivalent of eight blocks in the Overworld.

Famous roads in the Overworld include the eight main highways stretching from Spawn, the Southern Canal, and the Old Spawn Road.