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FoundedMarch 20th, 2023
LeaderNigerianprince, Nasder, KILLAQUEEN123, Poisonvenom
GriefsBedrock City, Sunzy Castle, Geezertown 5, Red Castle, GeezerTown X

Outlast is a private building group that focuses on spawn bases and projects. They are also known for their occasional griefs against other groups.



Outlast was founded by Nigerianprince and KILLAQUEEN123 in March of 2023, shortly after they left The Imperials due to continuous drama within the leadership of the group. They invited Nasder (a close friend of theirs from The Imperials) to join them to lead the group. The trio quickly recruited their closest friends on the server to join the new group and started the group's first spawnbase.

Spawnbase 1

When founding the group, Nigerianprince started the group's first spawnbase to have a large obsidian Basilica that he had originally designed for an Imperials event as the centerpiece. After Nigerianprince and KILLAQUEEN123 finished the centerpiece, they began terraforming areas for other members to build. The base also had a large build of the word "OUTLAST" in the sky and consisting of over 200k obsidian that was built by Nasder and Nigerianprince. The base fell after being leaked to Jamba Juice by a guest visiting the base. In total the base housed 20 members and lasted 2 months.

Spawnbase 2

After spending few months looking for Bedrock City the member's of Outlast started Outlast Spawnbase 2. The base was 'black and white themed' with most builds having obsidian roofs, stone brick walls, and quartz detailing. The base had a quick start, but lasted only four days as CuppyK found the base while base hunting around spawn. He decided to grief the base in retaliation for an Outlast grief on a Sun Knights recruit base. In total the base housed 7 members and lasted 4 days.

Spawnbase 3

In July of 2023, the Outlast members started Spawnbase 3. It was made to have a 'green' theme, with gardens around the base and many of the builds having green-colored roofs. Spawnbase 3 became the group's most successful base so far, lasting 5 months and housing 21 players. Eventually it was self-griefed by the group after deciding to move on to new projects.


Outlast hosts semi-regular events in-game for members and friends of the group. These events started after some of the members were doing small in-game meetups and began turning them into full-group events that quickly became popular within the group. Most of the events are hosted in the End and are themed after some current event on 2b2t at the point of the event.



Council - Leaders of the group

Architect - Full members of the group

Initiate - New members of the groups

Guest - Friends and Trusted people invited to bases and events