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JoinedJuly 29, 2021
BasesWebzone, The Homeland, HermeticLockSMP base, Home away from Homeland, Camp Spooky, Mithril, Astralia, Okab, Poppy Town, Sora Blue, Skylight's Haven, Don Aken, Phaedra, Voidhangar, Table of the Giants, Larptown, Katadalanfrantaranfueristan, Spawn Ark, Block House, Skylight's Haven, Stone Brick Sanctuary, MoLaST, Solaris, Spawn Migration, Polaris, Kingdom of Derp, Stone Brick Sanctuary, Stellaris, Wingston 3, Dubrovnik, New Menegroth, Fort Concord, The 2b2t Museum, Several Spawnfuer bases, and many SBA bases
GriefsLumaria, Wrath Outpost, Spawn Migration (self grief)
TypeBuilder, Explorer, Historian
Alternative AccountsQuarpse, 3Lag, Automations, Phyxics
CurrentAstral Brotherhood, Pitfight, Obscension, Highway Workers Union
PastGuardsmen, Nihongun, Mew Revolution, Eclipse, Invincibles, Donfuer Rangers, Spawn Building Committee, The Collective, Spawn Builders Association

Osmobyte is a builder and explorer, and is a member of the Astral Brotherhood.


Early History

Osmobyte took interest in 2b2t when popular Twitch streamer Ph1lza covered the server in one of his videos. After spending a few months on a 2b2t clone, he bought kits from a kit shop before logging into 2b2t for the first time, and even received help from a player named 963Nick. Because of this, he never really had any issues escaping spawn and thriving in the chaotic environment.

He spent his first week on 2b2t, exploring various older locations on the server, such as the Valley of Wheat and Base Nostalgia. He came away especially disappointed after visiting Ziggybase, and seeing the bedrock fully removed. Afterward, he came to the realization that many of these locations were griefed beyond recognition, and that he wanted to begin building on 2b2t.

Donfuer and Guardsmen

In August 2021, Osmobyte met a player named Nyxis, who invited him to DonFuer. He built at many bases with the group, most notably Webzone. Later, D loaded introduced him to HermeticLock, and in October was invited to the Guardsmen. However, later that month, Osmobyte leaked 2 Donfuer initiate bases in exchange for in-game items, which he never received. After confessing to what he had done, he was removed from Donfuer and the Guardsmen.

Astral Brotherhood and Spawn Builders Association

Osmobyte joined the Astral Brotherhood as a potential member in 2021 and built at several bases such as Astralia, Okab, PoppyTown, Solaris, and Polaris. After building extensively at Stellaris, Osmobyte was made a full member of the group in January 2023. In September 2021, Osmobyte was invited to the Spawn Builders Association. However, he soon left after not taking the group seriously. However, he rejoined and began building at many of the bases. He made tight bonds with many of the group members and considers the group to be his closest friends on 2b2t.

Other Projects

Alongside his main groups, Osmobyte participated in a number of projects and groups, from mining down Wrath Outpost by hand to constructing nether infrastructure. Some of these projects include the first Eclipse, in which consisted of building new nether infrastructure to make nether spawn more challenging, and the Air Destroyers project. In the Summer of 2022, he assisted the reorganization of the Mew Revolution, and the construction of Sora Blu, a base owned by sister group, the Invincibles.

After both groups eventually disbanded in the Fall of 2022, Osmobyte was recruited to the Collective, a new group that had split from the Imperials, where he helped with recruitment and the main bases. He exited the group after an argument with fellow group member Lukent, who refused to follow the narrative of the group, which was to be neutral towards other groups.


After Sora Blu fell, Osmobyte became good friends with AnimeTiddie, and was invited to the Pitfight build team, where he aided in the construction of pitfights XII and XIII.