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"I think the box represents Sato's maze-like heart HermeticLock is always trying to get to the center of" - In reference to the Obsidian Labyrinth
Approx. JoinedJune 28, 2019 (two years ago)
BasesThe Homeland, Kobald, Arrarat, Farlands, Buccaneer Bay, Adamantium, Whistler
TypeGriefer, Programmer, Builder
CurrentGuardsmen, Team Catgirl, PVG

Orsond joined 2b2t in mid 2019 and is best known for helping to lead Guardsmen and designing the Obsidian Labyrinth.

Early activities and The Beginning of The Guardsmen

Orsond joined 2b2t in mid 2019, and played intermittently for his first several months on the server, before meeting DannyWith2Ys on a journey to the worldborder, and building with him for about half of a year.

During this time, Orsond befriended HermeticLock. As a result, upon the foundation of Guardsmen in May of 2020, Orsond was initiated as the first member at the Mesa Homeland.[1] While there, Orsond built his Great Spawn Library, helped to lead group efforts in the area.

Orsond's Great Spawn Library

Following the initial grief of the Mesa Homeland in June 2020, Orsond moved to a series of shortlived bases including Kobald, Arrarat,a rebuild of Aureus City,[2] Farlands,[3] and Buccaneer Bay.[4]

Obsidian Labyrinth

Main Article: Obsidian Labyrinth

Orsond's Obsidian Labyrinth

In August 2020, following the grief of the Aureus City rebuild, Orsond designed the Obsidian Labyrinth.[5] It was designed using a ball-in-a-maze puzzle that Orsond subsequently heavily modified to remove all exits from, and to generally make navigation inside more confusing. Orsond and TakeoutMenu led construction on the structure, which went up quickly. Construction was significantly sped up by Orsond's custom-written baritone code additions that caused baritone bots to build the structure, using a schematic, one layer at a time. Following construction, a Fight Club event was hosted on site with help from Forceken; it was the largest gathering of players in one place in the server's history up to that point.[6]

Griefing Spree

Following the conclusion of the Obsidian Labyrinth, Jakethasnake52 began communicating with Orsond about becoming a member of The Guardsmen. Finding Jakethasnake52's activities on and off the server to not be properly 'dignified', Orsond refused to have him in the group. Conflict bubbled up as a result which concluded in Orsond griefing two of Jakethasnake52's Christmas bases, Fratbase, and Jakes's 10Mil base.

Continued Guardsmen Projects

For Halloween, Orsond led efforts on Camp Spooky, which proved to be a well-attended Halloween party and book exchange near The Homeland. Several months later In December and January, Orsond co-lead the construction of Adamantium with Joey_Coconut.[7] The base featured many members and large structures, and saw the introduction of many new guests and friends (who were predominantly members of the Shortbus Caliphate) to the Guardsmen. Following the grief of Adamantium, Orsond moved to Whistler, where he built a large Ice Castle.