Order of Lucifer

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Order of Lucifer
Order of Lucifer Banner
FoundedSummer of 2017
DisbandmentLate 2017 - Early 2018
LeaderForceken, sickbeats, dom2789, blackcooper

The Order of Lucifer was a group founded by sickbeats, dom2789, Forceken, and blackcooper, created to make fun of other groups in the summer of 2017.


The group started when sickbeats, dom2789, Forceken, and blackcooper left the Peacekeepers. Emperium claimed the group was a splinter group created due to an inside against the Peacekeepers. However, this claim was made in retaliation to Forceken creating a map art of TheDark_Emperor's face leak. The group would go on to claim an old SpawnMason lodge, specifically the one used to inaugurate Fit as a member.

The group would build an initiation base and begin recruiting new members by having them search for a specific item at spawn and take that item to the base. Once they arrived, they would simply need to build something at the base in order to become a member.

Eventually, the group would begin to do spawn projects, one of which was placing several pig spawners for up to a 1000 blocks on the Nether +X Axis Highway (Deemed the "Pig HIghway[1]"). The Pig HIghway was initially made June 18th 2017, and was reconstructed on June 25th with a renovated design using Beacons & Obsidian. The new obsidian framework for the highway lasted over 3 years despite the removal of the spawners. Another project of note was the creation of a highway filled with melons.

On the Fourth of July 2017, Forceken built a massive American Flag, and various players gathered for the group's Fourth of July event. The attendees consisted of TheColdOneJC, Forceken, Killet, Blackcooper, HermeticLock, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, Kekkistani, and _Courier6_. However, Kekkistani showed up and attempted to grief the event. The last hours of the event were spent chasing Kekkistani around with End Crystals.

The Group participated in the July 2017 Temp Map. The group was neutral with The Peacekeepers until an altercation that took place on the first day of this Temp Map, when The Peacekeepers destroyed an under-established village that The Order of Lucifer had migrated to. The group also formed an alliance with The Emperium, who would go on to absorb the defacto members, once the group was disbanded.

When the group had reached peak membership in late 2017, the leaders of the group would leak the initiation base and end the group with most leaders moving on to do solo projects. The initiation base would later be griefed by iTavux's group, Arcadia.[2]


After the founding members parted ways from the group, Killet and TMan_Goodman attempted to continue the group with Killet as the leader. This lasted approximately one month but was soon disbanded, and the revival had only one base, which was also abandoned.

Notable Members

Initiation Base - Killet's House
Pig Highway, Initial Design.
Pig Highway, Renovated Design.
Revival Base (only known screenshot)