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"infamous carpet stealer."
JoinedSeptember 2020
BasesMapopoly, Food Court, Lilly Ville, Kasuf
TypePvPer, Builder, Griefer, Map Artist
Alternative Accountsalexkellerman, kleanbean_42, altplux
Currentt gang, Fight Club, Eclipse
PastThe Lost Nomads, Highway Workers Union, Invincibles,

oofplux is a newfag that is known for contributing to the construction of Mapopoly (3rd largest Mapart on 2b2t), as well as griefing multiple bases/events and the oWo spawn symbol. He is known on the server for being one of the biggest cloutchasers, constantly appearing in FitMC and fastvincent1 videos, even being voted the biggest cloutchaser during 2022's 2b2t Oscar event. He is also one of the players on 2b2t with the most priobanned accounts (10 accounts).


Early History

oofplux started playing on 2b2t in late September 2020. He joined the IIS and The Lost Nomads. He built at the Lost Nomad Games 1, but was subsequently kicked from the group due to infighting. [1] He griefed the following 4 Lost Nomads spawn events.[2] At the same time, he also was a key contributor in the Air Destroyers and griefed the Spawn OwO with Sand_Turtle. He also helped grief the Rick Astley. He invented a packet fly destruction method with withers that can be used to grief any obsidian structure built at maximum height. [3] In October of 2021, he was invited by orsond to help grief Menegroth.[4]

1.98M blocks, 3rd largest Mapart on 2b2t


In May 2021, oofplux visited a variety of old bases through the course of a tour of the server.[5] While conducting this tour, Zeenyo informed him of some so-called "interesting ruins" at Block Game Mecca. After going there, he he found the base's Industrial District with farms and carpet dupers. There were around 200 double chests full of shulker boxes of carpets. The area was only a couple thousand blocks away from the main base, meaning that few had found the location following BGM's grief. Zeenyo and the rest of his group, the Backstreet Boys had taken around 200 double chests of carpet from the Industrial District already. oofplux and Dawnfall_ moved the remaining carpets to t gang's base. Dawnfall made a plan to use this carpet to make a large mapart called Mapopoly - a 2b2t-themed monopoly game. The map would've been the largest mapart on 2b2t at the time of planning, although by the end it was the 3rd largest. oofplux contributed to about 47% of the blocks terraformed for the project, and 1% of the carpet blocks placed. However in May 2022 Mapopoly was self griefed.[6] [7]


In March of 2022, oofplux would join a discord server called Eclipse led by one of his old friends, yfua. They would discuss the state of 2b2t and how the lack of new players had led to minimal community events and projects, and decided to try to do some large public projects of their own to revitalize interest in the server. This led to oofplux and yfua teaming up to create the 1st Eclipse. The project consisted of filling in the nether portal spawn areas, and creating portals on each of the 4 axis at 128,128. The project was opposed by the anti-Eclipse, who were led by maksitaxi. The two groups had skirmishes and fought during the duration of the project. A bit after the project was complete, oofplux was given full leadership of Eclipse from yfua, and he subsequently led many bases for the group. [8]

Operation Vacuum

In June of 2022, oofplux created a project with his friend dino_2b2t based around mining out obsidian logos at spawn. He would assemble a team of over 20 players with this same mindset, naming the group Operation Vacuum. They "vacuumed" subsequent obsidian logos, included but not limited to the oWo, the Imperial Dragon, the Star of David, the seatb3lt logo, and more. The Operation mined over 9M obsidian, with oofplux mining out 3.6M by himself using proxy accounts stationed on VPS' in New Jersey. The project would receive much publicity after the public completion of the project. [9] [10]