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Omega City was build by the player called Caviyaz/Putin. Its among one of the biggest bases currently known on 2b.

Video made in Omega


Omega City was founded in early July 2016 by Caviyaz. The base used to be a small outpost for Caviyaz and his friends to stay at so they could be close to spawn. However, the base grew bigger and bigger and at some point, it was a proper base. However, after a few months, his friends left to build bases of there own, leaving Caviyaz with a whole base to himself. He started expanding and the idea of a group came to mind, a group that would not interfere with the 2b2t Community (nobody knows the group's name but they are mostly referred to as "Omegans").

After a 6 month period of isolationism, Caviyaz invited the first outsider to the city. His name was mines and they met sometime before on The Lonely Island. After mines came to the city the place grew rapidly and some time later Caviyaz invited Enjoy and Niftyrobo.

Around may the city was fully terraformed and completely packed with housing and mega-builds. They ran out of land and had to start building into the ocean. Some notable building such as The Omega meeting hall, The Rainbow, The Statue of Liberty and the Cathedral all were built on such reclaimed land.

A week before the city fell the Spawnmason found the place on accident (Found by Hermeticlock ).

On July 18, 2017, the city was destroyed by the players: mrking039, CasualCocaine, and Pekee



The base had a unique style because it was mostly made out of colored clay (Terracotta). This made the base very colorful. It's also a base that is built in roughly the same style and is very consistent. The roads were made out of default hardened clay (now terracotta) and there where a lot of streetlights, flowers, and canals. With the whole city suspended from the sea, it resulted in very sleek walls.

City Picture Album:

Omega City Pictures


According to mines, not a lot of the players are known but there are estimations the group is between 20~ members as of July 13 2017