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This is a list of social classes that players on 2b2t use to distinguish players. The general system tends to run based on when the player joined the server and is a system created by the early 4chan shitposters of 2010 since they tend to use faggot as a suffix. Many more classes were later created to label other kinds of players. Players may also create their own classes by simply adding a word in front of the suffix faggot, however, this list gives only the ones popularly used.

Social Classes

Note: Most classes with the suffix faggot are shortened to fag.

General Social Classes

It should be noted the exact dates border between Oldfags and Midfags are generally disputed amongst the community. Please read the section Discrepancies.

  • Oldfags - Players that have been around from 2010 - 2012.
  • Midfags - Players that have been around from 2013 - May 31st, 2016.
  • Newfags - Players that have joined June 1, 2016, and later.
    • Newfriends/Newpals/Newplayers - This term is a replacement for the term "newfag" and is generally seen as an alternative way of addressing newer players. Most established players generally do not talk in this manner, however, newplayers is one of the most used terms out of the three. It should also be noted the other classes (Old/Mid) apply to these terms but to a lesser extent.

Extra Social Classes

These social classes were later made after the general social classes

  • Ants/Antfaggots - These are players and the fans of AntVenom, who joined due to Ant's video on 2b2t in April 2018.
  • Chatfag - term for players that spend most of their time talking in chat with other people. Many of them like to start conversations about controversial topics, others just insult everyone on chat, most of the time annoying newfags and beggars. They are either loved or hated by the rest of the community.
  • Facepuncher - A term not commonly used anymore by players but is still applicable. The term refers not only to players of the Facepunch Republic but to anyone who joined due to the Facepunch forums, similar to how Rushers not only applies to players in Team Rusher but rather anyone who joined due to Rusher. Examples of Facepunchers are popbob, policemike55 and DemonElite119 and It is synonymous with Oldfag.
  • Fitfaggot/Fitfag - A term used for players who joined due to Fit. Over the years, these players have become more prevalent on the server as Fit's channel grew. People began to call this irony out as Fit has essentially become "the new Rusher".
  • Frenchfaggots/Baguettes/Faguettes - Frenchfaggot is a term used to mark players who only speak French, and was initially used during the first French "invasion" of AgentGB for players who watched AgentGB's 2b2t video and joined because of him. It was only prominently used during November 2016, as he did not decide to make a series on 2b2t after the pilot video. However, the server was advertised to them nonetheless, causing a small influx of French players to join 2b2t. The term was later revitalized during the second French invasion of FuzeIII in September of 2018, with a new term being used, Faguette, which is a bastardization of the word "Baguette". This is due to the bread's stereotypical association with French people.
  • IGNer - A term used during the Second Incursion for the invading players from the IGN article on 2b2t. The term is no longer used commonly in present time.
  • Jewtuber- A YouTuber who the community has determined is only playing on 2b2t to commercialize it, choosing to play in such a manner that will generate a maximum number of clicks for their videos. This can be used ironically or as an insult depending on the context and/or the person it involves.
  • Lagfag - A term used to describe those who build lag machines in an attempt to intentionally crash the server or make the server unplayable. This is typically only used by people in the chat and not directed at an individual player as most lagfags don't disclose their identity.
  • LARPer - is a commonly used term in last few years for players that take 2b2t too seriously. Many of them are roleplaying in chat praising their group with chat spam. Most of the players find them really annoying, and the term "larper" soon became an insult.
  • Rusherfaggots/Rushers/Junefaggots - Another synonymous term for Newfag. These players joined after June 1, 2016, when the YouTuber known as TheCampingRusher uploaded a video titled "THE OLDEST SERVER IN MINECRAFT", subsequently bringing in thousands of players, leading up to the creation of the queue and the beginning of The Rusher War, The Hype Era (Also called "The Rusher Summer/Era" by some players) and the rise of many groups across the server. These players typically came from the video Rusher posted and stereo typically labeled as being around the age of 13 in most cases. Being called this term does not necessarily indicate a person's affiliation with Team Rusher but rather a general statement.
  • Spawnfaggots/PVPfaggots - These are the players that are frequently hanging out at spawn or spawn camping 0,0 in both the nether and overworld. Many players use the term negatively because all some of these players seem to want to do is sit at spawn/kill newfags and not do anything "productive." Spawnfag also suggests PVP combat, which is easy to get involved in as there is an abundance of both geared and naked players at spawn. Most of these players are highly geared so they can survive attacks of other hostile players.
  • Tacos/Tacofaggots/Spanishfaggots - These are the Spanish-speaking players that joined mostly from YouTube in September of 2017. YouTuber ElRichMC, who made a video on the server, is the main source of these players.
  • Veteran - a term used for anyone who joined the server prior to June 1st, 2016, and usually used to refer to a player in association with Team Veteran. The term was largely used during 2016, however, is highly looked down upon in recent times as Team Veteran became highly controversial and many fitfags and other autistic players continue to use the term, despite it being highly outdated and displeasing to the older population.
  • 4channer - another term rarely used anymore that refers to anyone that joined 2b2t due to 4chan. Unlike the Facepuncher term, players who did join due to 4chan barely use the title. Offtopia and THEJudgeHolden are a few examples of players who would be labeled a 4channer. It is synonymous with Oldfag.

Rusher's Social Classes

These are two classes that Rusher used to classify others during his time on the server.

  • OGs - The extremely broad and vague term created by TheCampingRusher to define Oldfags as a group of which he planned to defeat in The Rusher War. The reasoning behind his using of this name was his reluctance to swear, let alone hack on the server. Usually only used nowadays by newfags who are too young to say oldfag.
  • Nakeds- A term used by Rusher to refer to the Newfags/Rushers at spawn who did not have any gear. Can also be used to describe players without armor on.
  • Diamond Rushers- A term used to describe Rushers who had more powerful weapons such as diamond armor and swords. They are distinct as most Rushers could not obtain this level of gear due to their younger age, Veterans killing them, and lack of hacked clients.

FuzeIII's Social Classes

  • Américain - French for American, is a term used by Fuze to classify all 2b2t players that aren't French speaking. This class was made on the assumption that the entire playerbase of the server before Fuze's series were all of American background or origin. This statement is largely untrue as the server has garnered multiple people from all around the world over the years.
  • Baguettes - A term he took from the 2b2t player base to encompass all French speaking players, from not only France, but anywhere else in the world.


There is no agreed time limit at which a player becomes an oldfag. Some claim that anyone who joined before 2015 are oldfags and some say that those who joined in 2013 are midfags. This means that the system is not official and is therefore subjective. The parameters listed in this article are those generally accepted by most players from pre-June, 2016. Today there is mostly just the distinction of 'postjune' and 'prejune' players, which also brings up the question relating to prejune players who barely played before TheCampingRusher being considered real prejune players. As this is all opinion based, there is no possible way to justify in concrete terms any distinction for a player.