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The Old Spawn Road, also known as the Non-Axis road or the West Road, is a road that does not run on any axis and stretches for ~27,000 blocks. It is one of the oldest roads on the server and is unique in the fact that it does not stay in a straight path and it twists and turns. The road, along with most other highways, access roads, and roads, was made and restored by several players. It was also one of, if not the, longest non-axis road on the server at one point. It now dwarfs in comparison to most non-axis and axis highways.


The old spawn road was built by a player named LegitYarik - his (now dead) post on Minecraft forums - in 2013/14 as he needed a way back to his base as an alternative to coordinates, which he disliked as "they ruined the immersion".[1] The road passes through the now ruined Castle Hatehart, which was also created by LegitYarik, and the present-day 1533 Highway. A repair group was founded, dubbed "The Fellowship of the Road," however this is not confirmed by LegitYarik or other players.[1] The road also passes near the relatively intact 2014 base "UMONFORD" with signs dating back to that year. The Old Spawn Road also passes by near an End Portal.

The Old Spawn Road about 5,000 blocks in, near the ruins of Castle Hatehart.


The road was completely griefed by Armorsmith at the beginning of 2018. Armorsmith himself would later build his wrath at the beginning of the road, located at -3500 300. Demolition to the Wrath was throughout (and by) the Sixth Incursion. After Armorsmith griefed the road, multiple restoration projects gave been done, and these days the road is now somewhat intact thanks to the efforts of multiple players restoring it. BestConNA connected the road to an old terminal, which was blown up, both the griefer and the path extender being Armorsmith's friends.[1][2] The tower nearby the Old Spawn Road at Castle Hatehart (pictured above) was also restored in a recent restoration attempt. As part of the restoration, blocks were added, that weren't nessceraly cobblestone. In addition, several detours were made to avoid the Withers which were spawned on the way. The Old Spawn Road still serves as a high traffic location and many players built sanctuaries and bases near it.

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