Old Town

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Old Town
StartedApril, 2011
FinishedSometime in 2011
THEJudgeHolden, Offtopia, Elocdrof, jdw99666, willyroof, bubbakennedy, marksman77, square_digger
Approx. GriefedNovember, 2011
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Old Town, aka Judge Town, was an old base from 2011 founded by THEJudgeHolden and Offtopia. It was one of the very few independent bases during the times of the Facepunch conflict. It was also where Judge's group was founded.


When THEJudgeHolden began to play 2b2t, he went out to found Old Town. He eventually invited Offtopia and the two began construction. Offtopia did not build as much as Judge did but instead invited more players as the months past. Offtopia eventually invited jdw99666 and Elocdrof from spawn within the first month, who were clueless newfags at the time.

Eventually, Elocdrof began inviting real life friends, like marksman77 and willyroof. This made the group have a solid six members and continued this for a while until the group decided to invite jdw's friend, bubbakennedy and square_digger.

The group was eventually attacked by popbob in November of 2011, when he used his backdoor to destroy a large portion of the base using infinite TNT and his teleportation methods.[1]

The base was eventually abandoned by Judge's group and the group continued to be together up until 2013, during the rise of Valk.


The base was very retro in style, as it was built during the Beta days of Minecraft. Similar to many of the older towns on 2b2t, Judge's group only had a limited amount of selection in terms of blocks and so it was mainly built with sandstone, wood, cobblestone, mossy cobble stone, and stone brick. Offtopia also made a netherrack home as he liked to set them on fire as netherack burns indefinitely. He also built a large wall around the base in order to keep mobs out, as back in 2011, 2b2t's mob spawn rate was much higher.


  • Willyroof owns a dog that is technically considered the oldest living Minecraft dog on the server, and possibly in the entirety of Minecraft, who has been living for 5+ years. He saved the dog from the town and brought it to the Judge's group's escapade to 1 million.