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BasesMu, Viper Base, The Drain, Numenor, Endtopia
Alternative AccountsArachnidya, R00dR1der
PastTeam Veteran, Valkyria, THEJudge's group

Offtopia is an oldfag who has been playing on 2b2t since the Facepunch War in early 2011.


Early History

Offtopia was part of Judge's group, and helped many newfags at spawn. He would hire players from both the Facepunch Republic and the 4channers to assist him in these endeavors. When the THEJudge's group disbanded, Offtopia moved to the Valley of Wheat to help Jaang. Offtopia spent a lot of time there, protecting the Valley. He soon invited some of his friends, such as xcc2 and passie05. Following the foundation of Valkyria, Offtopia moved to base there. He participated in all of the first three incursions. When Valkyria disbanded, Offtopia built bases with many former members of the group. He eventually joined Fit, one of his third incursion comrades, amidst the Rusher Events.

Post-Rusher activity and drama

Offtopia distanced himself from Fit and his group because he thought that Fit leaked the coordinates of the Crystal Islands to Rusher. Offtopia additionally realized that the 'Team Veteran' vs 'Team Rusher' narrative was perpetuating the involvement of many newfags in the first place. Offtopia then constructed The Drain with some of Team Aurora members.[1] Fit appeared at The Drain and made a video touring it, in which he explained he had used ChromeCrusher's bedrock coordinate exploit.[2] Fit declared he would not give away the coordinates and that he just wanted to get Offtopia's attention, as they had ceased communications leading up to this incident. The Drain was eventually griefed by the 4th Reich, who found it independently of Fit.


Offtopia became a member of Summermelon in May 2017. jddinger, who was friends with many of the the members of Summermelon, leaked the coordinates to Rocket Town. Fit then discovered Summermelon and destroyed the base with the help of AlphaComputer, ChromeCrusher and others as revenge for Rocket Town.

Mu Megabase

After the griefing of Summermelon, Offtopia reached out to Willyroof in July of 2017 to talk about basing with the Nether Highway Group, which had just completed the highway to the X+Z+ world corner. The intent was to form a secret society of builders, so Offtopia came up with the name Mu, after the lost continent of legend. Mu Megabase would become Offtopia's home for the next 3 years until the Account Exploit of February 2020. The base was compromised, and Offtopia moved on to a different project.[3]