OffeeX (also known as rockeZZergon in the general 2b2t community) is an Ukrainian youtuber known for building lag machines, using exploits, streamsniping other youtubers, and breaking bedrock structures. He likes idea of griefing and destroying history in order to decrease queue size on 2b2t. He was also the first person to write his name using bedrock holes in the overworld.

"Don't hunt for a truth. No one will remember the truth"
JoinedOctober 2019
TypeGriefer, Group Leader, Lagfag, Pvper, YouTuber
Alternative AccountsrockeZZergon, Terpila, Hausematter, TitanChannel, overbafer, FishkaPl, FishkaPlay
CurrentThe Breakery
PastThe Prismatic, Team OffeeX, The Fish Club, New Facepunch Republic, No Server November, The Klansmen, Valley of Wheat

OffeeX has been involved in lots of drama, especially with other Russian YouTubers.



Before his first visit to 2b2t, OffeeX had been playing on a 2b2t clone running on Minecraft 1.14. One day, a player named cattyyyn sent him the IP of 2b2t. Due to the long queue (then averaging 300 players long) and lack of knowlege about the server, he didn't stick around. On 8th February of 2020, a Russian YouTuber called Сайфер made his first video which was translation of FitMC's video about the dragon egg [1]. It was the first good Russian video about 2b2t, and inspired many other Russians to start playing.

On 21th February of 2021, a major Russian YouTuber named Zakviel invaded 2b2t. He brought a lot of brand new players, who would start their own Youtube channels which translated Fit videos. OffeeX was the one of the few creators who started making videos about their survival on the server instead of translating historical videos. On March of 2020 a player named vladomhik gave 8 kits to OffeeX. Some members of New Baikal found him, while he was streaming on his old channel,[2] and they also helped him a little bit.

One day, while escaping spawn, OffeeX noticed a horse. Upon further inspection, he found that this horse belonged to xcc2, and OffeeX would go on to make a video detailing the history of this horse.[3]

Finding his first stash prompted OffeeX to found his first group, The Fish Club. It got name from the group on the server OffeeX played before joining 2b2t.[4] The Fish Club was a shop selling in-game items.

New Facepunch Republic

Within a few months of joining 2b2t, OffeeX became a member of the New Facepunch Republic, or just NFPR. He had access to the some bases, though he only visited "Bravo Base" once.[5] Soon, he invited cattyyyn in the group, who got the "Gold Member" role for his contributions to the group, which included building maparts for them. OffeeX then got bored and left the group.

NFPR SBA screenshot

Relations with YouTubers

Once they got in touch, Zakviel introduced OffeeX to the only Russian group at the time, "New Baikal" However, weeks went by, and Zakviel didn't want to invite OffeeX to the group's base, so OffeeX decided to find the base by himself. One day Zakviel accidentally leaked the coordinates of the base, so OffeeX immediately went there. Zakviel managed to grief his machine for duping before OffeeX arrived.

The next day Zakviel decided to build another base. Using Zakviel's stream and sun directions, OffeeX succeeded in figuring out which direction Zakviel was heading in, and found Zakviel's nether tunnel after a few hours of searching. OffeeX showed up to Zakviel's base while he was streaming.[6]

OffeeX & Gusya_ on The Prismatic 1

1 month later, another Russian YouTuber, F_i_l_i_n, started constructing a ring road highway at 7500 in the nether. Some project members were killed by OffeeX, so they never came back. Due to this event F_i_l_i_n blocked OffeeX forever and doesn't host public events anymore.[7]

F_i_l_i_n on his own highway

First group

During this time, OffeeX began running his first major group, The Prismatic. Their first base was griefed by New Baikal as revenge for OffeeX's actions towards Zakviel. Their second base was also leaked and destroyed.

Fishka on his main stash

OffeeX decided to make a third run, but recruits were new to the server itself and needed to learn the lay of the land. At the same time, a new duplication glitch which required end portals and donkeys was leaked to public, so members of The Prismatic decided to try and find any donkey that they could and get them into end portals in order to use the dupe themselves. However, the group disbanded, with all the members deciding to leave due to OffeeX being an "aggressive and toxic player" (his words).

Spawn Projects

Before the Battle of Ziggy Town, some members of the Infinity Incursion decided to destroy the bedrock comet so the New Facepunch Republic decided to protect the comet, and they successfully defended it for a time. OffeeX participated in this defense but left the NFPR soon after.

One of OffeeX's first projects in spawn were 3x3 tubes made of out obsidian, that contained no water, so players could easily move between heights. In addition, cattyyyn and OffeeX decided to make a bedrock hole in the center of spawn, so players would get stuck in it since the server didn't allow players to get below bedrock.[8]

While these two players were creating the 0 0 hole, they also had some business with the group called Klansmen, who recruited them. One of the goals of the Klansmen was to destroy the bedrock comet, which they accomplished at the end of August of 2020 [9].

Klansmen destroying Bedrock Comet

On September of 2020 Hause allowed players to get on nether roof, and fly using elytra at the speed of 210km/h instead of 127km/h. OffeeX made his "void chunk", a chunk that's completely empty, but after couple of hours, server got restarted and nether roof have been reset with all buildings placed on it, and elytrafly got patched as well [10].

In the same month the Pyro Dupe had been introduced and MrBeast joined 2b2t for the first time.. Some players managed to get a signed book from him, but OffeeX decided to take part in Tenth Incursion instead, building a few lag machines which got worldedited out of existence.[11]

No Server November

The next public project OffeeX would join was NSN 2020, which was a match made in hell since OffeeX was very skilled at making lag machines.

hhh1 lag machine

Once NSN got started, every division built their own lag machine, which were called "hhh1" after it's designer househousehouse1. The next big lag machine was "EMP", which could even do queue-skips and freeze the server for some amount of time. Besides making lots of EMP lag machines for NSN, OffeeX had some lag machines at his own base, and sometimes he used it alongside the Brownmen's machines.[12] [13] [14]


In end of summer of 2021, OffeeX successfully set the world record for escaping spawn using the nether and a hacked client and made a video about it [15].


No Ice Roads

The goal of this project was to destroy nether ice roads, especially the Western one, as youtubers were using it to transport mobs to their bases. [16]

End Lava Walls

This project was targeted against newfags, to prevent them escaping the end spawn and getting elytras. [17]

End Lava Walls

Space Prison

Space Prison's goal was to cover an entire player's render distance with enchantment tables at 100 0 in The End. [18] Why? Because the immense amount of lag generated by rendering the enchantment tables, even if the player is using a NoRender hack which would normally disable such lag. In addition to the enchantment tables, OffeeX constructed a lag machine under the spawn position so any players passing through get priobanned as well.

Space Prison was eventually worldedited out of existence by hausemaster.

Space Prison (Cinematic)

Restoring the Valley of Wheat

In May of 2020, BULDZHAt suddenly decided to start a project to restore the Valley of Wheat. OffeeX was one of the 20 or so participants, who would be online every day to re-build the valley.[19]

Valley of Wheat (Cinematic)

Hunting For YouTubers


On 4 January of 2021 a YouTuber named Duckio made his video about surviving 100 days on 2b2t, which went viral. He accidentally showed his coords in the video, and OffeeX was the first player who arrived at the base and destroyed it.[20]


In summer of 2021 another YouTuber, Lololowka, made his experimental video on 2b2t. It wasn't hard to find his coordinates, so OffeeX was the first player who contacted him and visited his base [21].


BUILDZHAt is a Russian YouTuber who's video about 2b2t had the most views in the Russian-speaking community. In the April of 2021 he decided to start a stream on 2b2t, and the average viewership of the stream was near 7000, so OffeeX immediately decided to find him. Once he found him, he got signed book by BULDZHAt and his friend.[22]


ShadowPriestok is a Russian YouTuber who makes videos for kids. Unexpectedly, one summer day in 2021 he decided to join 2b2t and stream on it, which caused an increase in queue. Once OffeeX found him, he obtained a signed book from ShadowPriestok, being the only player to do so. Unexpectedly, ShadowPriestok got killed by an unknown player on the highway, so he ended his stream and never joined 2b2t again.