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">odpay supremacy"
JoinedJune 2015, April 2019
GriefsSky Masons
TypeGriefer, Exploiter, Developer
Alternative Accountscld, odBot, 0dpay, odpayment, odpay2
CurrentZenith, Fifth Column, Emperium
PastBSB, Highland, TeamNoTrees, TeamNoSeas, Jballs, Clout Club

odpay is an exploiter and griefer on 2b2t who is known for his membership in the groups Zenith and Fifth Column, along with his involvement in the grief of Avalysium.


Early History

odpay joined 2b2t a handful of times throughout 2015 and 2016 looking for a less restrictive experience compared to the factions servers he frequented at the time. He began to play more regularly in 2019. After setting up a base 120K from spawn, he found an illegal item dupe stash. He took as much as he could in his ender chest and inventory and returned to his base. After discovering the stash belonged to Highland, he messaged The_Grand_Lotus about it, and quickly became a member of Highland.


odpay joined the Backstreet Boys in early 2021. One of odpay's real life friends, bard, was a member of Avalysium. Bard logged into his discord account on odpay's laptop and forgot to log back out. As a result, odpay had access to bard's discord. Through this access, odpay gained the coordinates of Avalysium. odpay gave the coordinates to BSB, who traveled to the base and griefed it on April 16, 2021. The initial narrative of the base's leak was that a USB had been used to deliver a RAT into bard's computer, although this was fabricated by iMems and popularized by Fit.


During this same time, odpay befriended SoiledCold, and they began to work on several of Soiled's projects together. Through these projects, odpay met Paralusion and Robeartt. After drama resulted in Soiled's exit from Brownmen, odpay founded Zenith with him, Paralusion, and Robeartt. The group was so-named after Paralusion's old group Point Zenith. Zenith was used to share and circulate exploits among its members. On September 3rd 2021 at Paralusion's end stash, odpay discovered the group's so-called "Zenith illegals exploit" with Paralusion, which was used to move, rename, and use illegals.[1]


odpay co-founded TeamNoSeas along with SoiledCold with the intention of removing the entire spawn ocean. The project was conducted using a variety of redstone machines and made use of sponges. PvPers often fought against the removal, leading to rampant delays in the project. It completed removal of about 15% of the watercube by mid-January 2022.[2]

Later History

In September 2021, odpay befriended orsond and Bezopasan, who invited him to the Fifth Column.

odpay at spawn wearing unbreakable armor duped from the Zenith stash