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JoinedMay 19, 2019 (five years ago)
BasesOmega Base, Omega Base v2, and Omega Base v3
TypeBuilder, Group Leader
CurrentLinked Horizon and Hyperion
PastNew Facepunch Republic, Infinity Incursion, Emperium, and Team WAO

OMEGAO000 (also called OMEGA, or ONUS for a brief period in 2020) is a Newfag that joined in late May in 2019. He is mainly known for his leadership role in the New Facepunch Republic, as well as participation spawnfags and spawnfag groups.


OMEGA joined the server on May 19,2019, and spent his early days creating small groups and building stashes during the third Donkey Dupe. With the wealth he accumulated, OMEGA spent about a month at 0,0, working on various spawn projects. It was during this time he met 0Neb (then known as 0Nebulast122201). 0Neb invited OMEGA to his group, the New Facepunch Republic. OMEGA joined the discord of the small group, and Nebulast gave OMEGA several different leadership ranks. 0Neb and Armorsmith (who was in the group under an alias) were planning to use chezhead as a vehicle in which to attract newfags into the group, but this was exposed in a voice call by Sato86 and chezhead. Both Armorsmith and 0Neb left the group. After this, OMEGA kept his leader rank, and became one of the four leaders of the New Facepunch Republic. With the NFPR, he built three bases: Omega Base, Omega Base v2, and Omega Base v3. OMEGA left 2b2t and all 2b2t-related media on briefly in January 2020, and returned under the username ONUS later that same month. OMEGA returned to 2b2t with the username ONUS. In early 2020, OMEGAO000 joined several groups, including Hyperion and Team WAO, although he was not a pvper. He continued to participate in those groups in addition to NFPR throughout 2020, before also joining Infinity Incursion and Emperium. OMEGA founded Linked Horizon in early 2021 with the intent of constructing a tribute to Attack on Titan, and also in order to construct a large, lasting structure on 2b2t. He co-led the project with futsin1 until June 2021, when he gave full ownership of Linked Horizon to futsin1 and quit 2b2t.

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