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Numenor was a base established in 2016 by the player Offtopia.

InhabitantsWillyroof, Krobar01, Offtopia, CytotoxicTcell
Location-96000, 319150
World download
LinkNot Available


Not much is known about the base. Over time, it would contain four big sections: Willyroof’s Karnaca II, Krobar01’s’’Mothers of all Keeps’, Offtopia’s Clockwork Isle, which turned out to be a design taken from planetminecraft[1], and CytoToxicTcell’s Floating Mushroom Islands.

Mother of All Keeps

Krobar’s Mother of all Keeps, better known as M.O.A.K, was a structure built by player Krobar01 at the base Numenor. Krobar01 was invited to the base by Offtopia after the destruction of Summermelon. Both used the ongoing Crafting Book Dupe to gain materials. Around August 2017 Krobar01 started construction on the structure, imaging it as a bigger and more elaborate version of his ‘Keep’ at a base called Follytonvilleshire. Located around -960 00, 319 150, the structure contained many stockyards, storage areas, a banner museum, gardens, rooms, and bars.[2] Over time Krobar became bored with the build and never really finished it. It lay dormant for two years, until it was leaked by the player Mothra, who had found the location to Numenor in a book Beardler had left behind at the ruins of The Boedecken.[3] Krobar tried to finish up the build before it was eventually destroyed. Fit toured a world-download of the structure.[4] Terbin created a cinematic of the structure.[5]