The Lost Nomads

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The Lost Nomads
The Lost Nomads logo, created by __Omni, one of original founders of the group.
FoundedOctober 29, 2020
LeaderSilverEyes100, walmart_security, Onunder, __Omni
BasesSponge Island, Sponge Mountain, Old Norse, One Year Anniversary Spawn Base, and Several Event Sites.
Lost Nomad Games

The Lost Nomads is a group of Minecraft players who organize projects, events, and build bases.


In early October 2020, all of the future Nomad founders were in a small group titled "The Order of the Blue Wizards (OBW)." OBW was a small base-orientated group. Later that month, conflict arose due to the lack of leadership from the group owner Kadthain (now RaymondAmantius), who invited multiple people to their base without the consent or knowledge from other members. __Omni, walmart_security, and Onunder were prominent members of the group and disbanded OBW and seized all relationships with Kadthain after the conflict. The former OBW members started a small group named Elder Guardians, and later renamed to The Lost Nomads after SilverEyes100 (formerly known as xAlyssa_) and Xizzco left OBW and joined up with them too. The Lost Nomads were founded by __Omni , walmart_security, SilverEyes100, Onunder, and Xizzco on October 29, 2020.

Lost Nomad Games

The Lost Nomad Games became a popular server spawn event organized by Lost Nomad founder SilverEyes100. The goal of the project was to build huge structures and mini-games within a close radius of spawn in a short amount of time. This proved to be successful with upwards of 40–60 people documented players participating in the games. The end of Fight Club on the server would inspire SilverEyes to create a new interesting Spawn Event.

Nomad Games 1

Construction of the first Nomad Games (built by SilverEyes100, oofplux, and Dawnfall_) started in late December 2020 about 10k blocks from 0, 0, and was quickly found and griefed by The Backstreet Boys before the site could be finished. The second site was built 50k out this time and was built by the same three builders in a month's time. The site featured builds such as SilverEyes' Castle, Dawnfall's Tri-Dimensions, oofplux's Excalibur, and a large replica of MemeWoman's spawnbase. In addition, player Forceken allied with the Lost Nomads to have his Annual Snowball Fight at the first Nomad Games. The event was held on January 22nd, 2021 and was later griefed by FencingF, a longtime enemy of the group.

Nomad Games 2

SilverEyes was approached by Franknificant who wanted to donate his fourth spawn church, the Hagia Sofia, to a next Nomad Games. Together with a King of the Hill arena built by Lunch_Katsu and another snowball arena by Forceken. It was constructed in under a week and was visited by multiple players notable players, including 0Channy and BachiBachBach. The event was griefed by player FencingF, Team WAO and players from the Infinity Incursion[1][2] A week later the Nomads organized a small event, the ‘Nomad Games 2.5’, with  Oliversnowyowl's 2b2t Wave Shop, which succeeded and was not griefed until the event was over.

Nomad Games 3

The third Nomad Games was once again built about 50k from spawn, with a month of building. This event featured a wide array of builds and builders, including SilverEyes100, Franknificant, Dawnfall_, Greenabi10, _Smokescreen_, Poyraz_Kaptan, walmart_security, and WhiteRhino69. Builds here included Poyraz_Kaptan's miniature Space Valkyria 3 replica, _Smokescreen_'s TNT Run, and SilverEyes100 Nomad Centre, and giant quartz Statue of David. The event took place on March 20, 2021. The coordinates of the event were accidentally leaked by Digandbuilder on stream, which lead to the early grief by FencingF and oofplux, one of the first event's builders. Only 2 of the events were held before the grief. This would begin a lasting conflict between The Lost Nomads and Digandbuilders group, BSB, leading to the griefs of Nomad Games 4 and 5. A redux of the event was held on the Highway Worker Union's whitelist-only server on March 26, available to those who had trusted early coordinate access.

A Map Art to inspire Players to go to The Lost Nomad Games, created by Dawnfall_.

Nomad Games 4

The event was advertised with a special Mapart designed by ally Dawnfall_. The fourth event consisted of an ice church designed by SilverEyes and 7red. The event consisted of multiple games including an ice track around the build for boat racing, pig races, spleef and King of the Hill. The location and a nearby backup area however were leaked to BSB, the 2b2t reddit and the Infinity Incursion discord before the site could be finished, once again leading to the premature grief of the event on July 2nd. Hours before the fourth event was supposed to start Franknificant decided to donate his original Notre Dame Fight Club build, which he has recently restored after a severe grief. Despite the severe setback a successful event was held at the Notre Dame, which included a spleef and King of the Hill arena. Griefing attempts by FencingF and oofplux were only partial successful.[3]

Nomad Games 5

After internal conflicts over a shared stash Franknificant left The Lost Nomads and was formally banned. After that the Nomads decided to secretly steal Franks design of the Duomo Cathedral from Florence, for their own fifth event. The fifth event was held on July 31st and was griefed by the Backstreet Boys.


Old Norse

Between Nomad Games 3 and 4 the Nomads took a break from spawn events and early april started ‘Old Norse’, a spawnbase built on the ruins of an older base. In early may the base was compromised as building materials were being stolen and signs were left behind by unknown players. It motivated the nomads to remove the base, terraform the terrain and leave an obsidian cock behind.

Anniversary Spawnbase

A One Year Anniversary Spawnbase was created in September of 2021. An event was held between members of the group on October 27th, 2021. The base was griefed by Fifth Column's Gravixous, Franknificant, and Walts on November 21st a month after the Anniversary of the groups founding.