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Noah3j is a builder, known for founding Avalonia and TEA, and co-founding Avalysium.

JoinedOctober 31st, 2019
BasesAndromeda, Avalonia, Avalonian Research Station, Avalysium
CurrentAvalonia, TEA, The Republic
PastTeam Trees

Early history

Noah3j first joined the server in late October of 2019, at the height of the rivalry between TeamNoTrees and Team Trees. At this time, he befriended TimeRapier and decided to join Team Trees, rising to the upper ranks of leadership and befriending leader Rex1258. The three of them set out in December of that year to create Andromeda. The base was too close to the highway, and after meeting The White Lotus Society and The Monastery, the three groups would merge to form Avalonia.


After merging into one group, the members of Avalonia would found their namesake base 50k blocks away from Andromeda on March 13th, 2020[1]. Having no actual materials to build the base with, Noah3j returned to spawn to perform the End Portal Duplication Glitch[2], having been given knowledge of the dupe by TimeRapier. He befriended DrBeardStash at this time, who provided an automated Duplication Glitch after joining the group. Noah continued to build and dupe for Avalonia[3]. He invited most of the people he befriended while duping at spawn to join the base, such as SpeedDemon0.

While searching for Map Art to add to the base, Noah3j traded map art with HighAtWork. Noah3j then went on to found TEA (The Escape Artists) on May 24th, 2020 in order to find and facilitate the spread of map art on 2b2t. Following Map Resets, Noah3j began to make map arts of his own to be distributed at the group's meetings[4].

Noah3j frequently raided stashes that he was informed of by Ionar and DrBeardStash. One such stash that he raided was the Elysium II stash, and he was caught in the act by Elysium's leader, Carlll. In spite of the apprehensive circumstances of their meeting, the two would become friends over their shared interest in building. When both Avalonia and Elysium were griefed, the two decided to merge Avalonia and Elysium into one group: Avalysium.


Noah had a large role in the construction of Avalysium; he was a major contributor to its storage center, nether hub castle, and grand central station. Additionally, he helped Blocker sort and manage the duped supplies in the storage center[5].

Following the grief of Avalysium, due to the resolution of bottled-up drama and many former Avalonia members being removed from the group, Noah3j left the group. He later considered joining back but was stopped due to an ultimatum from Marcus4761. Noah3j runs the re-formed Avalonia group following the split. The two groups are now amicable and talk frequently.