No Cane No Gain

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No Cane No Gain
No Cane No Gain group logo
FoundedJune 18th, 2020

No Cane No Gain is a group initially created by Thrashin. It was created on June 18, 2020.


No Cane No Gain's first base, The Oppidum, began construction on June 18th, 2020. It was frequently worked on throughout the summer of 2020.

During late-August to early-September of 2020, The Oppidum was griefed and left in ruins. Although the No Cane No Gain members knew it was going to happen eventually, they did not return to the server for a while.

As of February 15th, 2021, Thrashin and AlphaFlame__ have both returned to the server to work on a second base. SmokingOnVonPack, Zeroboy7, and prontoh have since joined the small group during the return.

Jifyy and AlphaFlame__. Taken July 9th, 2020.
Screenshot of a couple No Cane No Gain members. Taken July 9th, 2020.

Notable Members

  • Thrashin (Founder)
  • AlphaFlame__
  • BallCheese69
  • Jifyy
  • PraiseNed69
  • SmokingOnVonPack
  • Zeroboy7
  • prontoh
  • And several others