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Approx. JoinedFeb-2016
BasesVulcatavio, COVID-2147, and other spawn mason bases

NickHasCancer (aka NickHasBird) is a Midfag who joined 2b2t in February 2016, he is well known for his association with the SpawnMasons and Guardsmen, as well as the foundation of COVID-2147.


NickHasCancer first discovered 2b2t from a Motherboard Article that was linked to him while he was on a old chaoscraft forum. His first base was named Dick Tower, which he stayed at for a short period in early 2016. NickHasCancer then based with BenitoTortellini (aka Alien803) at his base. Eventually the two moved and built Tortellini City 1 and 2 in late 2016 and early 2017.

Life in the Masons/Guardsmen

NickHasCancer became involved with the Spawnmasons after seeing HermeticLock's video about DonFuer 10. HermeticLock invited him to the World Famous Spawn Base, and would later initiate NickHasCancer into the group. NickHasCancer has participated in the Spawnmasons ever since, building at such bases as Vulcatavio and COVID-2147.


Main article: COVID-2147

NickHasCancer founded COVID-2147 on March 9, 2020, as a place for members of the Spawnmasons to build during the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After building there for several months, it was griefed by HermeticLock, D_loaded, Fit, and AlphaComputer, causing significant controversy.

A facade in the style of NickHasCancer's skin, at COVID-2147
Breithan's totem pole at COVID-2147, with a representation of NickHasCancer on the top