New Lugdunum

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New Lugdunum
A render of New Lugdunum by smcz19
Inhabitants7___k, A97J, Aresyl, Atket_, bluebirdx, borkiee, bread_loafs, cpybara, Enchoseon, GSlick, I_tri, James_Luigi, Joey_Coconut, LordGalvatronMC, R1ckson, SCR3WBALL7030, SilverEyes2b2t, smcz19, soopa46, Spctre, Steampunkjax, Thranoz
Location(-629200, -639300)
StartedMarch 20, 2022
GriefedMay 18, 2022
GriefersBackstreet Boys (DokiMin, Kokainer, Waltss)
World download
LinkNot Available

New Lugdunum was an Astral Brotherhood base in early 2022 that was built in a medieval style and was situated on an extreme hills island.[1]


New Lugdunum was founded by LordGalvatronMC on March 20, 2022 as a Lunarium base for the Astral Brotherhood, following the end of Obsidian Isle. New Lugdunum was made as a follow-up 2018 Astral Order base Lugdunum.

The base was built in a medieval style and was centered on an extreme hills island. The base progressed quickly and began to outgrow the original island after smcz19 headed up a large push in building activity that included LordGalvatronMC, Joey_Coconut, Enchoseon, SCR3WBALL7030, and Thranoz, with the help of some other members.

After lightning began burning some buildings on the island, New Ludgunum saw the construction of the first Iron Bar Sky roof on the server in an effort to conserve glass, which tends to be the block of choice. After the base continued to spread, members began building away from the main island.

Steampunkjax started a terraform nearby, while Joey_Coconut built a bridge to a neighboring island that Atket_ built a town on. Steampunkjax began insiding Astral Brotherhood, and leaked New Lugdunum to the Backstreet Boys. DokiMin, Kokainer, and Waltss griefed the base on May 18, 2022. Following the grief, most of the members moved to Lidenbrock.