New Argonath was a Last Templar base founded in November 2019 after the self-grief of their previous base, Argonath.[1]

New Argonath
InhabitantsDopeyXin, ForRussia, GenderPretender, GSlick, ItsYoungDaddy, Jumbo_Warrior, King_Aurelius, LaiZBoi, Pope_Urban_II, SalC1, gyokuro, SlowPokeRob, TheAlphaEpsilon, Zknites
StartedNovember 11, 2019
Leakerc1yd3i (Nocom)
GriefedSeptember 2, 2021
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New Argonath was founded on November 11, 2019, after Argonath's discovery by Emperium and subsequent self-grief.[2]


The base was constructed over a period of just under 2 years. The majority of the builds (such as the archways, cathedral, and Founders Temple) were designed by King_Aurelius. GSlick built a castle, Jumbo_Warrior built his 'egg dog float', Slamo built his inverted pyramid, Zknites built his airship, among many other builds by a variety of other builders. LaiZBoi, SalC1, and Slamo also helped King_Aurelius build a variety of his builds.


New Argonath was located by Nerds Inc using Nocom. Its coordinates were briefly posted on r/2b2t along with 2 other bases in June 2021 by iTristan, before leijurv convinced him to remove New Argonath's coordinates from the post. leijurv continued to shield the base from being leaked for months after Nocom became public. c1yd3i gained access to the Nocom database from fr1kin, and began to sell coordinates from it. c1yd3i offered to sell New Argonath to Crystallising (who incidentally was a former Last Templar member), who warned SalC1 about the base being compromised. The members (largely LaiZBoi and King_Aurelius) rushed to complete the main arch at the base's entrance, and then the base was publicly leaked afterwards. handyman_ griefed the base later that day.


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