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Map of the Nether highway system as of February 13, 2021, created by CorruptedSeal.
Completed Obsidian Highway,
Ready for Paving
(3×3)/(6×4) Netherrack Tunnel

Nether highways are a series of highways on 2b2t running from 0,0 Nether. The highways have a distinct design and a not entirely documented history. Maintenance of the highways is done by various groups as well, and they are the most prominent source of travel on the server.

General history and highway meta

0, 120, 0, where all the axis highways begin.

As of 2020, all axis Nether highways, and their diagonal counterparts, extend to the overworld world border.

The highway system is made up of obsidian, with netherrack used in later parts of the highways as a substitute to the expensive material. However, due to the nature of dupes on 2b2t, obsidian is very common and is always being used in the highway system.

It is common to see many players on the highways, both maintenance personnel and travelers to or from spawn. The highways are common use on 2b2t due to one block in the Nether being 8 blocks in the overworld, thus rendering the overworld highways in poor condition and generally useless in comparison.

Highways near Spawn are usually always destroyed or obliterated due to the chaotic nature of 2b2t's various spawns. Multiple spawnfags fly idle waiting for unsuspecting newfags to come into rendering on the highways to massacre them.



Maintenance is done by several groups. Most notably are:


Groups dedicated to counter the maintenance groups include:


The Axis Highways are dug and paved in a 6×4 tunnel and extend to 3.75 million blocks, with the exception of the +X Axis Highway which stretches all the way to the Nether World Border.


The +X Highway in early 2016

The +X Axis Highway has always been at the forefront of highway development due to it being the most traveled highway.

The +X Highway was the first highway to reach 1,000,000 in the Overworld when it was dug primarily by omaliymix in 2012, as detailed in THEJudgeHolden's comics. The highway was the site of Byrnsy's mission to reach the Overworld world border (see his album), which his group the Nether Highway Group achieved on March 26, 2017.

In March/April 2020, the IIS paved the highway up to 125k in the Nether. In August/September 2020, MEG widened the tunnel to 3×3 up to the Overworld world border. In November/December 2020, the HWU extended the obsidian-paved highway to 1 million out in the Nether.

In 2021, the highway reached the Nether world border, 30,000,000 blocks out, completing the highway.


-X Highway 1 Million Monument
The -X 2,000,000 Natural Tree sign, May 2016

The -X Diggers group was founded by Metrez and Bramblery on November 6, 2017, after hearing that nobody had expanded the highway in a while. They began to expand the highway to the world border, and completed the highway on December 22, 2017.


The +Z Highway was the second highway to reach the Overworld world border following the +X Highway.


-Z nether highway built by IIS

The -Z Highway was the last to reach the world border.

The highway is fairly well maintained with a obsidian floor from 50-100 of 0,0 in the nether to -129,580. After that, the highway is primarily made out of netherrack with many potholes, and varies in width from 5 to 1 blocks. The -Z nether highway reaches -3,750,000 which connected to the world border in the overworld.

On August 7th 2017 gRiNdLoRd successfully flew under the nether floor from spawn out to -3.75 million. He was able to get back above the bedrock, build a nether portal and reach the -Z world border before the -Z highway was completed. Two days later there was a plug-in installed on the server to prevent players from flying under the nether floor. He still has an account there and continues to play around there.

The -Z nether highway is heavily maintained by IIS (Independent Interstate Society) and also to a lesser degree by SIG (Spawn Infrastructure Group) which maintains a high standard for the nether highway until 0, -128,000. The highway consists of 4 wide obsidian blocks with 1 wide guardrails on each side and 3 blocks high just below the bedrock roof. The IIS repairs most griefs on the highway, which make the -Z nether highway ideal for elytra travel.


Since 2019, many withers have been placed from 0 to 50k. However, all of the potholes from the withers have been restored by the IIS and the withers remain on the floor of the nether. As of June, 2020 the highway is in great condition and the withers place no threat towards any traveler.


The diagonal highways are dug and paved as in a 5x4 tunnel. and extend from 0, 0 in each of the four diagonal directions (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest) to the Overworld world borders. Diagonal highways are 5.3 million blocks long.
-X -Z Highway

Cardinal DirectionNorth-West
EndWorld Border

-X -Z

MEG reached the -X, -Z world border on the 26th of May, 2020.

This was the server's and group's first completed diagonal highway, which was dug from spawn to the -X, -Z world border. This dig was completed by Citadel2222, illville502, VeryVon, DantezWrath, KevinKC2014, and harritaco.


  • -10M, -10M reached on 8th of January, 2020.
  • -20M, -20M reached on 12th of April, 2020.
  • -30M, -30M reached on 26th of May, 2020.
+X +Z Highway

Cardinal DirectionSouth-East
EndWorld Border

+X +Z

This was the server's second completed diagonal highway, which was dug from spawn to the +X, +Z world border. This dig was completed by KevinKC2014, Jonanen, harritaco, Paragon, and 5K5K.


  • -10M, -10M reached on 9th of July, 2020.
  • -20M, -20M reached on 13th of August, 2020.
  • -30M, -30M reached on 4th of September, 2020.
+X -Z Highway

Cardinal DirectionNorth-East
EndWorld Border

+X, -Z

This was the server's third completed highway, which was dug from spawn to the +X, -Z world border. This dig was completed by illville502, Citadel2222, and tycrek.


  • 10M, -10M reached on 24th of July, 2020.
  • 20M, -20M reached on 2nd of September, 2020.
  • 30M, -30M reached on 14th of October, 2020.
-X +Z Highway

Cardinal DirectionNorth-East
EndWorld Border

-X, +Z

The fourth and final highway was finally completed in 2021. The completion of this highway marks all diagonal highways finished to the world border at MEG's 3x3 minimum tunnel size. This dig was completed by Roy4lRondi, tycrek, Citadel2222, Juderenee, jumboman32,Parzi, and Duke_Arktouros.


  • -10M, 10M reached on 5th of August, 2020.
  • -20M, 20M reached on 31st of December, 2020.
  • -30M, 30M reached on 13th of February, 2021.
Ring roads



Ring roads encircle 0,0 in a square shape, hence their name. Dozens of these roads exist at various intervals. They are used for traveling out from the main axis or diagonal highways to more remote areas. They are also commonly used to avoid 0,0 by going around it. They were created and maintained by the Motorway Extension Gurus (MEG) and the Highway Workers Union (HWU). Some notable ring highways include the 1k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 25k, 50k, 125k, and 250k ring roads. Recently the 3.75m ring road was completed, connecting all axis world border monuments and world corners to one another.


One ring road that is well-known today is the ring road which was built 1000 blocks away from 0,0 and was toured by BarrenDome in a YouTube video.


The largest ring road on 2b2t as of today is the ring road that circles spawn 3750000 blocks away from the center (the overworld world border). The project was completed in 2021 and it is known as one of the largest infrastructure projects in the server's history.

Point Less highway

The Highway dug by the X+ Diggers starting at the X+ World Border (Point Nemo) and goes for 30,000,000 Overworld blocks to the X+ Z+ World Corner (Point Less) become known as the first highway to connect an axis world border base to the world corner. This Highway also has many monuments and milestones. It is currently a part of the 3750000 ring road.


-4444 Highway

The -4444 Highway starts at the coordinates 0x -4444z and goes in the eastern direction. It extends for more than 2 Million blocks in the overworld and several bases were built on its overworld side. It was probably constructed before the Rusher War. This highway is famous among the old players.

Konata Izumi Road

On May 2021, the Nether World Border was reached using this highway.[1] The road coordinates are: Z: 28500 (28.5k) and Y: 5 Nether.

The length of the road is 30 millions blocks, it starts at the southern canal (0, 5, 28.5k) and ends at the Nether world border (30M, 5, 28.5k).

The road was created only by Hare_Hare_Yukai using 2 alts. This project took around half a year to complete and the digging was done in 77 days. A special method of repairing pickaxes was developed during the construction of this road.

Together with the +X Axis Nether Highway, it is the longest road on 2b2t.