Nerds Inc

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Nerds Inc
FoundedEarly 2016
MembersiTristan, c1yd3i, fr1kin, Branillon, popbob, 0x22, Babbaj, kinorana, leijurv, IamTUNA
Nocom involvement

Nerds Inc (previously known as The Tyranny) is a group of some of 2b2t's most notorious griefers and exploiters.The group is notorious for its aspirations to ‘take over the server from the inside’ and connections to the server’s administration.



The exact origins of the group remain a mystery. iTristan claims it originated from a Skype group he and other players were active in. The members regularly changed the name of the group, often using racial slurs, until iTristan changed it to ‘Nerds Inc’.[1] However, research conducted by player 0Neb in late 2022 actually hinted towards Nerds Inc having been established earlier. He encountered a Steam user connected to iTristan and another account associated with 2b2t’s admin. The account was called ‘Dr. L’ but changed its name in 2014 to‘Dr.Love_88cy@nerds’. 0Neb pointed out that Nerds Inc still uses similar addresses for their domain ‘’, with his own account for example being The name ‘lover’ was also similar to the name Walden Love, a name that allegedly belongs to the admin of 2b2t. In 2020 the account also changed its name to Lover. All this implied Nerds Inc was already established in at least 2014 and that iTristan had deeper connections to the administration of the server.[2]

Third Backdoor

The group would become infamous for exploiting the Third Backdoor in 2015 and early 2016, griefing many bases and almost ‘killing’ the entire server. In early 2016 the players jared2013 and taylo112 worked together to destroy The Lands, a base established by Jacktherippa. They collaborated with players from Nerds Inc - such as iTristan and popbob. After the demise of The Lands Sato86 dubbed the group 'The Tyranny of 4 Faggots', after which Nerds Inc was often refered to as 'The Tyranny'. Using the backdoor the group established a base at taylo112's '2012 island', and The Archive: a world-edited bedrock sphere with a massive stash containing normal and hacked-in items, such as bedrock and barrier blocks.

After the Third Backdoor

At some point after the end of the Third Backdoor the group changed its name formally to nerds Inc and over time welcomed new members. In early April 2018 they destroyed Space Valkyria 3 V2, falsely believing it was the original Space Valkyria 3. The group became involved with multiple events and exploits. In August 2018, Jared left Nerds Inc mostly due to personal conflicts with iTristan and other members and the fact that he felt isolated due to being the only member that wasn't a programmer. During The Purge iTristan used the Godmode Exploit to kill Etika on stream. Over the course of 2018 the group also laid the foundation for the Nocom Exploit. In early 2020 the group utilized the Authentication Exploit. Over time the group would affiliate more with the Spawnmasons, due to some members having overlapping membership. The members gained access to the base Sky Masons, since they found the base using the Nocom Exploit.


Current Members

Previous Members