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Negative Entropy.png
Approx. JoinedJune 18, 2016
BasesCallisto, Arcadia, Space Jam, Vulcatavio, Boedecken, Valinor, Turrim, Base base, Autistralia, Cloud Club, Smibville, Party Committee Villages, COVID-2147, Spawn Train

Negative_Entropy is a player who is well-known for his numerous spawn projects (including his Coordinate Quests, the Spawn Train, and the Nationwide Transmutation Circle), his prominent role in the Spawnmasons, and the numerous bases in which he has participated.


Negative_Entropy joined the server in June 2016, escaped spawn through the Southern Canal and settled at a solo base for several months. Bored of playing singleplayer with lag, he came back to spawn to explore and to meet new people. He eventually ran into a player called Flip, who took him to the group of iTavux, with whom he built at Callisto and Arcadia. That group eventually lead to his invitation into the SpawnMasons by NickHasCancer in April 2017. He has remained in this group, taking part in numerous projects, lodges and bases. Negative_Entropy does his own spawn projects on the side and joins other group bases from time to time.