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Astral Drain
Inhabitants0Channy, 7red, A97J, Beardler, Durkaaqt, Enchoseon, I_tri, James_Luigi, Joey_Coconut, KBgaming, LordGalvatronMC, LordKai1, Lunch_Katsu, SCR3WBALL7030, SilverEyes2b2t, Spctre, Steampunkjax, bread_loafs, smcz19, and y_a_t_a
Location-584250 -627700
StartedOctober 26, 2021
FinishedJanuary 29, 2022
GriefedJanuary 29, 2022
GriefersA97J, Lunch_Katsu, smcz19, and Steampunkjax (Self-grief)
World download
LinkNot Available

Nautilus was an Astral Brotherhood base centered around a large elliptical drain that was constructed in late 2021 and early 2022.


Foundation and initial construction

Nautilus was founded by Joey_Coconut on October 26, 2021 for the Astral Brotherhood after the grief of Menegroth. The name was selected from an AI generated list whose inputs were derived from the list of bases on the wiki in late 2021. The basemates quickly arrived at the location and began draining the base’s centerpiece - a 101x151 elliptical drain - one of the largest ever on the server. After some initial headway as a group, most of the members moved to Okab as they grew tired with the draining. Enchoseon stayed at the base and led draining efforts, with help from smcz19 and SCR3WBALL7030. Draining proved lengthy, taking place throughout November and half of December.

Explosion of activity

Following the grief of Okab, activity spiked at Nautilus. The draining was completed, and then the area was dug to bedrock in under a week by the draining crew, in addition to Beardler, smcz19, and others. Joey_Coconut built his large glass mushrooms he originally designed for Five Isles and his king jellyfish, A97J constructed the majority of a guardian farm, I_tri built his octopus, smcz19’s storage hall was started, and Enchoseon built carrot town. Design began on the interior of the drain, and the leaders of The Autumn Drain - Lunch_Katsu and 0Channy were invited. Activity slowed again after the builders tired out, leaving Lunch_Katsu, SCR3WBALL7030, and Enchoseon to continue the base mostly on their own, building towers, a serpent, and preparing the area for more builds.

Final days

After discussion with 7red, it was revealed that he had leaked Menegroth to the Fifth Column in October for Discord Nitro and building materials, although he was scammed out of the building materials entirely. He also leaked terrain screenshots of Nautilus not long after. They were later sent to Joey_Coconut by several players not at the base in January 2022. After discussion among the basemates, they decided that none of them wanted to continue building at a base that could easily be terrain exploited. They invited Durkaaqt to Nautilus. Afterward, they built for several days, in which time the central hall was finished, the mushroom forest was built, and the drain filled with builds. Steampunkjax, A97J, Lunch_Katsu, and smcz19 self-griefed the base on the morning of January 29th after the members tired of building.

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