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JoinedJune 2016
Alternative AccountsHidden_Block_86
PastTeam Veteran

Napkin0fTruth was a newfag who joined in early June of 2016 and is TheCampingRusher's friend (and sometimes rival). He was highly disliked by the Veterans due to him betraying them and for giving Rusher god gear.

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Napkin0fTruth joined the server due to Rusher's video and being a close friend of Rusher. At the time, Napkin was Rusher's factions rival in his factions show that he had on his channel. So when Napkin joined 2b2t, he continued to play this role and tracked Rusher's travels on the server. Due to his false rival mentality, he decided to join Team Veteran due to their animosity to Rusher, believing that they were simply trying to be Rusher's competition and rivals. However, he did not realize that they were actually serious in their plight to kick Rusher off the server and all his fans. Fit created a video in which he asked Napkin who he truly fought for.

The Peacekeepers

Eventually, after accidentally joining Team Veteran, Napkin left the group after him and Charlyy were attacked by a band of Vets and joined the Peacekeepers. Since then, Napkin has co-worked heavily with Rusher and gave him and MrMitch their first sets of god gear due to his access to Peacekeeper dupe stashes made during the Minecart Dupes of the Summer of 2016. He stated that the Peacekeepers were more against the Veterans, despite the original intention to be against everyone. He also gave several coordinates to Rusher and has personally walked out to bases for Rusher in order for Rusher to tour bases with his account.

During the Rusher War, Napkin's personal base was eventually found by Team Veteran and destroyed during Fourth Incursion. Napkin participated in several battles during the War.


Napkin eventually left the server after Rusher's first departure from the server, along with several other Rushers and most of the hierarchy of Team Rusher. He eventually posted a video leaking the coordinates of his personal dupe stash as he stated he won't need it anymore, which was raided the day of the video's release.

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