NFE (Negative Fourhundred Eighthundred)

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NFE (Negative Fourhundred Eighthundred)
A render of NFE by xcc2.
TypeCastle Sanctuary
Builder(s)xcc2, alex02028, Pimpmastaflex (assumed)
Other denizensNewplayers, many basemates and rebuilders/builders travelling by
Coordinates-400 X 800 Z
Approx. date demolished2011-2014/15
DemolishersPyylaandia, TheDarkCarnival, many individual and other griefers.

Negative Fourhundred Eighthundred or NFE for short (Negative Four hundred Eight hundred) was a spawnbase and sanctuary, thought to be originally built by a Facepunch user and the early home to xcc2 and alex02028. Today, the majority of the spawnbase is encased in a giant lavacast, but there are some features that can be made out, and are still standing today.

Due to it being only about 900 blocks away from spawn it was easily griefed, but it took 2 years for the base to finally go down due to the defense of xcc2 and his basemates.


NFE was started in early 2011 by Pimpmastaflex and possibly other anonymous Facepunch players. It started as a castle and was presumed to be abandoned by xcc when he arrived at it. xcc2 repaired the castle and a player named alex02028 continued to expand the area surrounding the castle. Months later, many players had heard of the base around the server and was a popular attraction for new and old players alike. xcc and alex02028 offered food and gear to new players who came to NFE. x0XP and Cold_Storage77 eventually aided alex and xcc in defending the base and x0XP named the base. Due to the base's popularity, NFE was griefed and repaired many, many times. It all ended after the introduction of Withers, which were great for griefing.


This information is taken from a Reddit post by xcc2, which you can read (With Images!) here

NFE, in an early stage of griefing.

xcc2 came to (now .org, of course) via 4chan, and later switched to Facepunch. At this time there were several daily posts on 4chan either on /b/ or /v/ that would draw 50-100+ players to 2b2t during busy times of the day. His earliest times on the server date to Beta 1.2 which came out in January of 2011. All players spawned on a 15x15 slap at (0,0) that was impossible to place blocks upon, however it was usually surrounded by lava or other blocks that needed to be navigated to escape.

xcc2 eventually came to an abandoned castle after traveling to many other structures, located at -400 800. xcc2 believed this could've been an early Facepunch base after seeing Pimpmastaflex's sign, a Facepunch user. It was a 4-pillar castle connected by walls, with one pillar reaching to sky-height (128, which was before Notch doubled the world height). xcc2 began to construct repairs to the castle when he noticed other parts were also being fixed up. He met alex02028, a player who was repairing NFE as well. They continued to rebuild the castle together, making landmarks such as the base's aqueduct, drum tower, and arched-twin towers, topped with red wool.

After several months pass, the community begins to become more aware of NFE. Although the two base members offered food and shelter to traveling newplayers, NFE began to get griefed a great deal. One player left a lavacast which xcc2 mined out after he logged (funny enough, the player fell to his death since he was on top of the cast).

One group of griefers was known as "Dark Carnival". After griefing they would always leave a sign with their name on it, and the words "HONK HONK HONK". They didn't do much damage, usually taking a few items and producing an unorthodox build, such as a large penis with semen running down the world-height tower pillar.

xcc2 met Cold_Storage77 and x0XP. He would become friends with both of them, and x0XP gave the base its name for the coordinates it occupied.

Some autistic Finnish griefers named Pyylaandia kept griefing NFE harder and harder. They decimated NFE multiple times and eventually, it caused alex02028 to leave the server for good. xcc2 left to base at other bases such as Plugin Town. Over the months and years, NFE would be repaired countlessly by xcc2's friends and random visitors.

xcc2 and policemike55 (the original) killed the Pyylaandia team after finding them afk gunpower-grinding. Harblax and Uzify, two griefers, constantly tortured xcc2 and NFE. One day, popbob and xcc2 killed both of them, with popbob and Harblax flying. Popbob would change between being friendly to NFE and xcc2 and its enemy, very drastically too.

Minecraft would change constantly, with seed, biome, and many other changes. There were some times NFE was in ice or lavacasts would go to sky-high limit (256).

The End was first opened at NFE, when policemike55 and xcc2 entered the end using illegal end portal frames. Popbob tried to make an operating end portal prior but failed due to the placement of portal frames.

NFE got griefed far too much. Eventually, xcc2 got tired of repairs, and griefing got too big. The destruction of spawn reaches to NFE and beyond today.