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"Sometimes i hate this server, but the amazing community keeps me around."
JoinedMarch 2022
BasesSpawnFuer 20, Don Aken, SpawnFuer 22, Don Luden, SpawnFuer 24, Katadalanfrantaranfueristan, DonFuer Kingdom, DonFuer 25, Aureus City 2022 Rebuild, Holiday Special Halloween Base 2022, BunkerFuer, Trifuer, The Blue Castle, Lostfuer, SpawnFuer 37, S3-D, SteamFuer, U-Retil, U-Retil 3, The Dark Mirror, Don Maximus, EveryoneBase, Geezer Town 6, Donfuer 27, Numerous other DonFuer bases
GriefsBSB Holiday Base 2022
TypeBuilder, Explorer, Group Leader
Alternative AccountsN81T, D0NFUER, 60z
CurrentDonFuer, Wingston, The Collective, Graybeard Geezers

N8TT is a leader in DonFuer and member of The Collective and Wingston.



In March 2022, N8TT ventured into 2b2t, seeking new experiences beyond the limitations of other anarchy servers. On June 30th, they discovered the renowned DonFuer Ranger base named Katadalanfrantaranfueristan. Shortly after, Joetheblu3 reached out to N8TT, extending an invitation to join DonFuer. Eagerly accepting the offer, N8TT became an active and dedicated member of the group.

Starting as a Ranger, N8TT's remarkable commitment and contributions caught the attention of the DonFuer leadership. As a result, they were invited to participate in the prestigious Aureus City 2022 Rebuild. Impressed by their skills and dedication, N8TT was promoted to the esteemed position of Men-at-Arms, granting them full membership within the group. Additionally, N8TT played a significant role in constructing various structures within the DonFuer 25 suburbs, collaborating with talented individuals such as AlexkooJ, Joetheblu3, and Xblaze.

Since then, N8TT has remained an active and valued member of DonFuer. Their commitment to the group led to their appointment as an Elder on February 25th, 2023, signifying their esteemed position as a leader within the group.

The Collective

N8TT is also a member of The Collective, an influential community within the 2b2t server. Their involvement in The Collective demonstrates their broad network and engagement with diverse factions and groups on the server. As a member, N8TT contributes their skills and expertise to the collective efforts and goals of the community.


In addition to DonFuer and The Collective, N8TT is an esteemed member of Wingston, another notable faction within the 2b2t server. Being part of Wingston further showcases their leadership abilities and involvement in multiple influential groups.