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JoinedAugust 2020
BasesThe 2b2t Museum
TypeBuilder, Group Leader
Alternative AccountsMrAltNet
CurrentMew Revolution, Invincibles, Linked Horizon, The Imperials,

MrAllNet is the founder and leader of Mew Revolution.


MrAllNet joined 2b2t in August 2020 with a friend of his, KatKrasher. They traveled to the -X World border together and made a base called Mew HQ 1.0 a few million blocks off the axis, at which they founded the building group Mew Revolution. MrAllNet invited a few members of the group to join him at the base, but unfortunately while they were arriving a rogue member of the group leaked the coordinates to the base in the Mew Revolution Discord server, and after a failed Pearl load, MrAllNet was sent back to spawn. Mew HQ 1.0 was eventually abandoned and MrAllNet's friend that he originally joined 2b2t with quit as well. Around this same time, he was invited to Invincibles by Miki_Moo. He helped build at 2 spawnbases, Wild Emerald and Sora Blue. Over the next few months, Mew Revolution became a target for insiders, with it being insided on at least 10 separate occasions by players such as 'cz', frosty003, c0mmie_blm and others. These insides resulted in the griefs of many Mew Revolution bases. MrAllNet was also token-logged and doxxed by frosty003, while using a backdoored hacked-client known as Etikahack. Around this same time, his friend KitNightingale introduced him to AnimeTiddie, who invited him to help organize the spawn event Pitfight.[1][2] MrAllNet helped with Pitfight as a member of the Pit Crew for several months, and ran Mew Revolution meetups at (0,0) nether in tandem to the Pitfight events.[3]

On August 22nd, 2022 MrAllNet would leave 2b2t after announcing the disbandment of The Mew Revolution