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Motorway Extension Gurus
MEG's new logo
FoundedOctober 15, 2019
LeaderCitadel2222, illville502, VeryVon
Bases~5 and every world border
Dug all diagonal highways to WB

Dug 25K, 125K, and 250K Ring Roads

Widened all Cardinal Highways to 6x4

1.5 Billion+ Netherrack Dug

The Motorway Extension Gurus (MEG) are a Nether highway mining group on 2b2t. The central objective of the group is to extend the existing highways which have been built by previously Independent Interstate Society (IIS) and independent players. The members of MEG are tasked with digging tunnels that extend to the overworld world border of every cardinal direction (and their diagonals) which facilitates easier cheat-assisted travel. Ultimately, this allows players to travel between spawn and different regions of the nether with relative ease, and makes previously unreachable regions significantly more accessible.

The group digs at a minimum 3x3 tunnel size (3 wide, 3 tall), but has started recently to dig exclusively 6x4 to facilitate easy cheat-assisted travel such as ElytraFly, BoatFly, and EntitySpeed.

Discord link:

Motorway Extension Gurus Banner



On October 15, 2019, Citadel2222 was on his way to the -X, -Z world border, and made a stop at -5M, -5M to check if any structures had been built. He flew around the area and stumbled upon a player named illville502. Both individuals expected immediate death; however, neither were hostile and so forth a friendship began.

The two players decided to build a milestone at -5M, -5M, due to there being nothing more than a small sign wall. For two weeks, they built a large milestone. This cooperation between two strangers on this relatively unmaintained highway was a significant achievement.

The two players decided their next project would be to extend the -X, -Z highway (which to their knowledge ended at -4M, -4M). However, upon re-entering the nether, the highway had suddenly been dug. Both players were understandably confused, so they followed the extended path and left multiple signs at the end in an attempt to contact the unknown individual. This individual was revealed to be VeryVon, who had completed this section of the dig with his custom digging bot. The three decided to band together to dig to the -X, -Z world border using this bot. It was on this date, November 28, 2019, that the Motorway Extension Gurus was formed.


In the months that followed, three more individuals stumbled upon the founders during their dig to the world border — they were DantezWrath, KevinKC2014, and harritaco. They supported the project and wanted to help, and were the next additions to MEG.

Upon completion of the -X, -Z world border dig, the group received a huge influx of people interested in digging nether highways, especially after well-known 2b2t YouTuber SalC1 released his video about the project. Most notable of these new members were Jonanen, Paragon, Kurakuea, and Parzi. They joined in May and June 2020, and started working with them on the remaining three diagonal highways. The first of these new digging projects was completed in the span of three months and was primarily dug by harritaco, Jonanen, and KevinKC2014, who were all digging nearly 24/7. The project was completed on September 4, 2020. The process was rather slow due to an older version of Baritone that had not been fine-tuned and was missing a few features.

Stash incident

In late July of 2020, tycrek discovered a massive stash belonging to a shop owned by the reputable player ufocrossing on one of the highways. Being a very new player with no need for the absurd amount of items, he donated the stash coordinates to MEG to assist with future projects. At the start, the group decided to just steal crucial items, such as pickaxes and golden apples. However, partway through the operation, a member of the group, maksitaxi, leaked the coordinates to the group Infinity Incursion. Upon learning about the leak, MEG decided to self-grief the stash as it had been compromised, so as to take away the satisfaction from the Infinity Incursion. They kept it a secret from ufocrossing, but a member of the group messaged ufocrossing about the grief. This caused the first member in the history of MEG to be kicked out of the group, because MEG did not want a bad relationship with such a well-known player. The reputation between ufocrossing and MEG was terrible after the incident, but due to MEG holding a low profile, this has mostly been ignored, and they retain a good neutral relationship with the majority of groups on the server.

Completion of diagonal highways

Upon the completion of the +X, +Z world border dig, the dig bot was further optimized and the diggers learned how to use it effectively without disruptions for longer periods of time. This meant the remaining two diagonal highways could be completed at a faster pace with more dedication and insight to the process. Several more notable diggers joined the digging team in late summer of 2020, consisting most notably of Yesnik, Jenixblue, and ToxicAven, all of whom have contributed massively to the digging process. On October 14, 2020, the third diagonal highway, +X, -Z, was completed to the world border, dug out by the now well-known diggers illville502, Citadel2222, and tycrek.

The dig of the final diagonal highway, the -X, +Z highway, was hugely delayed, severely impacted by Elytra hacks being patched on September 4, 2020. The dig was also slowed due to block-breaking not working as intended on the server, until a member decided to email Hausemaster, who was able to fix the problem and improve digging speeds. At the start, the project was slow-moving, though it quickly picked up pace, as members of the other highway digging crews began joining in on the final dig. Being only halfway in after 3 months, the pace really picked up after New Years', and it was completed on February 12, 2021. This marked the date on which all diagonal highways had finally reached the world border on the server.

Due to the growing size of the group, MEG expanded its ambitions in late July, and started working on more projects at once. Most notable of the completed projects include the +X highway expansion; and the digging/paving of both the 125k and 250k ring roads. The 500k ring road was also completed on August 7, 2021, though unpaved.

The Highway to Connect Them All

With 2021 came the release of an extremely powerful and fast highway tool known as Highway Tools (developed by Constructor). After benchmarking this new tool and the old dig bot, MEG decided to try and hit 1 billion total netherrack dug before the end of 2021. However after only partly through the year, MEG hit 1 billion on the 17th of May 2021. It was joked around in mid-2020, but MEG realized it has the capabilities to dig the World Border Ring Road within a reasonable timeframe. That is, with the aid of the new Highway Tools from Constructor. So near the end of 2020, MEG started the project by assigning different “legs” to all diggers. This would be the biggest project in 2B2T history, with over 720 000 000 netherrack being dug and thousands of hours being dedicated to the project. As of June 1st, the project is still underway.

The Highway to Nether World Border

Once a lone digger; Hare_Hare_Yukai took the massive project of digging road to the +X nether world border into his own hands. He began digging a 1x2 tunnel which was parallel and 28.5k blocks away from +X highway. He documented the entire journey in detailed report, while also experimenting with the fastest way of digging. In the end, he got to around 300k nether per day (which is about 3x as fast as a normal 6x4 tunnel). Upon reaching the world border, Yukai asked to be part of the MEG crew, which was accepted with delight.


Role Names
Founders Citadel2222, illville502, VeryVon
Admins DantezWrath, KevinKC2014, harritaco, tycrek, Kurakuea
Moderators Jonanen, Jenixblue, Yesnik
Elite Diggers* Roy4lRondi, ToxicAven, Fiofri
Supreme Diggers** Paragon,FreedomHolland, O_Juicy, Queen Kazma
Diggers*** 5K5K, CorruptedSeal, jumboman32, Parzi, Juderenee

* Elite Diggers have dug ≥ 10M netherrack.

** Supreme Diggers have dug ≥ 5M netherrack.

*** Diggers have dug ≥ 2M netherrack.

Illville502 was a new player in the 2b2t scene, when he decided to make his own stash far out. He made it near the 5 million checkpoint on the -,- highway, as he didn't expect anyone to be so far out. However by chance, another player, Citadel2222, showed up at the stash and those two became friends. They decided to dig the -,- highway to the world border, which started the basic principles of MEG. Illville502 is not digging actively recently, however he is still very active on the community discord, and a beloved member of MEG. On his way on the -X,-Z highway, citadel2222 decided to stop at the 5 million checkpoint. This highway was barely dug out, and getting there required a lot of manual work. Randomly, Citadel2222 stompled on a dupe stash with illville502 in it. The two decided to team up, which is essentially the start of MEG. Being one of the founders, he is extremely active and manages the community on a day to day basis. A lone digger with big ambitions, who made his own custom bot to dig diagonal highways. VeryVon had the same ambitions as citadel2222 and illville502, which was to reach the -,- wb. The day illville502 and citadel222 teamed up with VeryVon, was the day MEG was officially created. VeryVon's bot was the backbone of the group at the time. Sadly, VeryVon left 2b before the -,- wb dig was complete. DantezWrath is a core member of the MEG crew from very early on. He joined MEG after hearing about the -,- wb dig, which was in its early stages when he started. He was a crucial and active digger, and his digging efforts were key to the completion of the highway. Nowadays DantezWrath isn't very active on 2b2t due to his personal life, but appears sometimes in the discord server. His legacy is known by all diggers in MEG. KevinKC2014 came across the -8M, -8M milestone built by MEG, after further findings from reddit posts, he joined in the group about a month before the -,- wb dig was complete. A proficient programmer, he took over the bot VeryVon made. Over the coming months, the bot was improved to be faster, more stable and secure due to his improvements. KevinKC2014's improvements to the bot, was crucial for the last 4 highways to be completed. KevinKC2014 took a break after the completion of the +,+ wb dig, but is planning to return in the summer of 2021. After returning to 2b2t in March 2020, harritaco, also known as superbad0315, sought out an active group as he wanted to participate in a server project. He decided to search for an infrastructure group, and MEG was the most appealing. He assisted in the first MEG highway project, the -- diagonal highway. He later led the ++ dig. harritaco has also contributed to the widening of the -Z highway, as well as the digging and paving of the 125k Ring Road. From the second Jonanen joined the server, he had one objective: To help extend/maintain the highways. After going solo for about 2 weeks repairing highways near 0,0, Jonanen heard the -,- dig was complete. He gathered up a full echest of pickaxes, and made his way to the +,+ dig site, where he met up with Harritaco and joined MEG. He was the first European to join the group. Ever since then, Jonanen has been an active contributor to MEG involved in projects such as the ++ wb dig and 250k ring road.
Tycrek was an early bright light in the digging scene. A week after it was announced -,- was completed, tycrek decided to join in the digging efforts, primarily focusing on the completion of the +,- and -,+ highway. Tycrek is a proficient programmer and has contributed to the group with a custom website, along with other projects such as the MEG netherrack bot. Tycrek was the one to find the UFOCrossing stash, which would later result in a large conflict between the 2 groups due to another member leaking the news. Tycrek is still an extremely active and respected member of the community and has contributed massively to recent MEG projects. An absolute behemoth of a digger; Kurakuea is the top digger in MEG with over 100m netherrack dug. Kurakuea joined the MEG discord after running into Jumboman, Paragon and Rondi at the (then) end of -+ diagonal at 140,000 nether. After establishing himself on the server, he agreed to dig +X to world border at 3x3 and became an official digger. Kurakuea is well known for his "botfarm", due to his 3 accounts digging 24/7. He's now one of the administrators of the discord server, making him one of the most influential people in MEG. After hearing about the completion of the -,- wb dig, Roy4lRondi was intrigued by the community goals of MEG. He strapped himself on board and went down to the least popular -,+ dig, which ended at the time at 325k nether. Here he met up with Citadel2222, who ended up inviting Rondi to the group. Rondi thereafter spent 8 months digging the -,+ highway, which he for the most part did alone. Roy4lRondi is still digging for the crew and is still active on the discord server. MEG was a group that Yesnik wanted to help out in since his start in 2B. His first steps into MEG was when he handed over a 20-ish Dub dupe stash of his creating to help with the highway workers supplies. He also assisted with paving the 125k RR. Since then, he has been an active digger himself and the rest is history. After 3 months of lurking on the MEG Discord server, ToxicAven decided to join in on the massive effort MEG was doing at the time. On the 19th of December, ToxicAven became an official digger for MEG. He's a proficient programmer, who often contributes to the programming tasks that MEG offers. He made the "Traveller" bot on the discord server, which helps keep track of the current netherrack count of the group. ToxicAven has been one of the most active diggers in the early parts of 2021, and continues to stun with his impressive daily performance. JenixBlue joined in mid October 2020 after seeing the video SalC1 made on the group. JenixBlue was dedicated to improving the infrastructure on the server, and on New Years Eve, JenixBlue officially joined the crew. He has proven himself to be a dedicated and worthy digger, and is a crucial part of the crew. Jenix has helped dig and pave the 125k and has 90 Million Netherrack mined. After a recent patch, Fiofri became bored because he couldn't dupe anymore. He decided to walk to the +,+ wb and found it was griefed. He started renovating it while being in contact with MEG. After he fixed +,+ wb checkpoint, Fiofri was asked to join a new project with MEG, which he happily accepted. Fiofri has been extremely active, and digging away like there's no tomorrow.


Diagonal highways

The diagonal highways extend from 0,0 in each of the four diagonal directions (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest) to the overworld world borders. Diagonal highways are 5.3 million blocks or 5,303 kilometers long.

-X, -Z

MEG reaching the -X, -Z world border on the 26th of May, 2020.
This was the servers and groups first completed diagonal highway, which was dug from spawn to the -X, -Z world border. This dig was completed by Citadel2222, illville502, VeryVon, DantezWrath, KevinKC2014, and harritaco.


  • -10M, -10M reached on 8th of January, 2020.
  • -20M, -20M reached on 12th of April, 2020.
  • -30M, -30M reached on 26th of May, 2020.

+X, +Z

MEG on a statue at the +X, +Z world border on the 20th of September, 2020.

This was the servers second completed diagonal highway, which was dug from spawn to the +X, +Z world border. This dig was completed by KevinKC2014, Jonanen, harritaco, Paragon, and 5K5K.


  • -10M, -10M reached on 9th of July, 2020.
  • -20M, -20M reached on 13th of August, 2020.
  • -30M, -30M reached on 4th of September, 2020.

+X, -Z

MEG at the +X, -Z world border on the 28th of November, 2020.

This was the servers third completed highway, which was dug from spawn to the +X, -Z world border. This dig was completed by illville502, Citadel2222, and tycrek.


  • 10M, -10M reached on 24th of July, 2020.
  • 20M, -20M reached on 2nd of September, 2020.
  • 30M, -30M reached on 14th of October, 2020.

-X, +Z

The fourth and final highway was finally complete in 2021. The completion of this highway marks all diagonal highways finished to the world border at MEG's 3x3 minimum tunnel size. This dig was completed by Roy4lRondi, tycrek, Citadel2222, Juderenee, and Frencheagle.

MEG at the -X, +Z world border on the 24th of February, 2021.


  • -10M, 10M reached on 5th of August, 2020.
  • -20M, 20M reached on 31st of December, 2020.
  • -30M, 30M reached on 13th of February, 2021.

Cardinal highways

These are secondary highways that are not the main focus of MEG. They are being worked on but are not the main priority, at least until the diagonal highways are completed.


Kurakuea from MEG at the +X world border after completing the widening project on the 26th of September, 2020.

This tunnel was originally dug by the +X Digging Group 1 wide, 2 high. MEG subsequently widened this highway to 3 wide, 3 high to improve travel speed for individuals using elytra and/or boat flight.

This dig was completed by Kurakuea.


  • +10M reached on 23th of August, 2020.
  • +20M reached on 4th of September, 2020.
  • +30M reached on 26th of September, 2020.
  • As of May the 16th, 2021, player Hare_Hare_Yukai would complete digging the + X to the nether world boarder (30 Million Nether) under the MEG name


The first cardinal direction be widened for paving to 6x4, previously only 1x2. Originally the widening project was started by 2 Highway Workers Union workers, but within a week the project was halted as the 2 workers disbanded. The project started getting traction again after the completion of the 250k ring road, as Harritaco started digging it. Yesnik soon joined in on the action as well, along with the newer member of MEG, FreedomHolland.

This dig was completed by harritaco, Yesnik & FreedomHolland


  • +10M reached on 14th of February, 2021.
  • +20M reached on 11th of March, 2021.
  • +30M reached on 31th of March, 2021.

Ring roads

Ring roads makes it easier to travel as you can travel between each of the eight highways very easily and get to specific coordinates with minimal independent travel in open nether. MEG has focused a lot of attention on these ring roads as they are essential for fast travel on 2b2t.


After completion of the -X -Z highway, MEG created the 125k nether ring road, which equates to 1M overworld. The dig was started on the 9th of June, 2020.

Once the dig was completed, MEG (along with HWU) started to pave the 125k ring road on the 19th of August, 2020. This project would use 5 million obsidian and took 5 months. This dig was completed by Harritaco, Paragon802, CorruptedSeal, illville502, and DantezWrath.


  • The 125k ring road was completed on the 1st of August, 2020.
  • Paving the entire ring road was completed on the 13th of January, 2021.


Along with the last diagonal highway being dug, MEG raised its ambitions to dig out yet another ring road. This time it would be at 250k nether, or 2 million blocks overworld. This project required 18 million netherrack to be mined. This dig was completed by Harritaco, Jonanen, and Paragon.


  • The 250k ring road was started on the 1st of December 2020.
  • The dig was completed on the 3rd of January 2021.


Motorway Extension Gurus has (as of 14/04/2021) dug 709 686 971 netherrack. This total is spread across 18 diggers. Since the inception of the group (October 15, 2019), that equates to 38 950 netherrack per hour. On average, 6.8m netherrack is dug out per week, as can be seen on the chart to the right. These stats were pulled before the group implemented Highway Tools. Since this has been implemented, the numbers have syrocketed!

MEG has spent over 3,000 hours on each highway, adding up to nearly 12,000 hours of digging. This is excluding the 2 ring roads and the cardinal highways which MEG has also helped to dig.
MEG netherrack dug per week, as of 3rd September 2020
The most influential diggers with the highest netherrack count are as followed:
(last updated June 30th, 2021)
Member of MEG Netherrack dug Number of accounts digging
Kurakuea 392 146 975 4
harritaco 229 546 000 3
Jonanen 110 653 336 2
Jenixblue 97 308 432 3
Citadel2222 74 000 000 2
Yesnik 70 244 259 1
Hare_Hare_Yukai 65 776 605 2
Illville502 65 000 000 1
Aven 43 931 972 1
tycrek 43 300 591 1
Fiofri 39 924 518 1
reitano12 37 088 419 2
QueenKazma 30 704 953 1
FreedomHolland 29 273 615 1
Tullybob 20 000 000 1
KevinKC2014 19 352 381 1
jumboman32 17 750 000 1
Jude 14 544 000 2
Roy4lRondi 12 000 000 1
howlhatesdemons 9 089 554 2
frencheagle 8 000 000 1
Plentlover 7 627 491 1
CurruptedSeal 3 825 121 1
EnigmA_008 3 261 316 1
Constructor 2 037 569 1
Razerr Storm 2 018 307 1
Smokescreen 1 901 831 1
Yikyu 450 696 2



On May 29, 2020, 2b2t YouTuber SalC1 uploaded a video titled "The Longest Road Ever Built in Survival Minecraft (The 2b2t Nether Highways)". The video highlights the accomplishment of reaching the -X, -Z world border corner, as well as the group's plan to extend the remaining highways.

On March 29, 2021, the YouTuber Fastvincent1 uploaded a video about the group, titled:" How a 2b2t group revolutionized diagonal nether highways". The video showcases the group's achievements and history, going into detail about how the group has evolved since the completion of the initial -,- highway.