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Motorway Extension Gurus, also known by the acronym MEG, is a nether highway mining group on 2b2t. The central objective of this group is to extend the existing highways which have been built by previously Independent Interstate Society and independent players. The members of MEG are tasked with creating tunnels that facilitate elytra flight and extend to the world border in each cardinal direction, as well as their respective diagonal axes. Ultimately, this will allow players to travel between spawn and different regions of the nether with relative ease, making reaching otherwise unreachable regions significantly more accessible.



On the 15th of October, 2019, Citadel2222 was on his way to the -X, -Z world border, and made a stop at -5M, -5M to check if any structures had been built. He flew around the area, and stumbled upon a player named Illville502. Both individuals expected immediate death, however, neither were hostile - and so forth a friendship began.

The two decided to build a milestone at -5M, -5M, due to there being nothing more than a small sign wall. For two weeks, these two players built a large milestone. This cooperation between two strangers on this relatively unmaintained highway was a significant achievement.

The two players decided their next project would be to extend the -X, -Z highway (which to their knowledge ended at -4M, -4M). However, upon re-entering the nether, the highway had suddenly been dug. Both players were understandably confused, so they followed the now extended path and left multiple signs at the end in an attempt to contact the unknown individual. This individual was VeryVon, who with his sophisticated bot, decided to band together with us to dig to the -X, -Z world border. It was on this date (the 28th of November, 2019) that MEG was formed.

In the proceeding months, three individuals stumbled upon us on our dig to the world border - they were DantezWrath, KevinKC2014, and Superbad0315.


Role Names
Founders Citadel2222, illville502, VeryVon
Admins DantezWrath, KevinKC2014, superbad0315
Diggers 5K5K, CorruptedSeal, Jonanen, Justen, maksitaxi, O_Juicy, Paragon, Parzi, Roy4lRondi, tycrek



There are four diagonal highways that either extend, or are being extended, from spawn to the different world borders.

  • +X, +Z
  • +X, -Z
  • -X, +Z
  • -X, -Z

Cardinal directions

-X, -Z

MEG reaching the -X, -Z world border on the 26th of May, 2020.

This was the server's and group's first completed diagonal highway which was dug from spawn to the -X, -Z world border. This dig was completed by Citadel2222, Illville502, VeryVon, DantezWrath, KevinKC2014, and Superbad0315.


-10M, -10M reached on 8th of January, 2020.

-20M, -20M reached on 12th of April, 2020.

-30M, -30M reached on 26th of May, 2020.

+X, +Z

To be updated in due course.

+X, -Z

To be updated in due course.

-X, +Z

To be updated in due course.


On May 29, 2020, 2b2t YouTuber SalC1 uploaded a video titled "The Longest Road Ever Built in Survival Minecraft (The 2b2t Nether Highways)". The video highlights the accomplishment of reaching the -X, -Z world border corner, as well as the group's plan to extend the remaining highways.