Monument Construction Group

Monument Construction Group (MCG)
Membersapproximately 10
LeaderOffsetpanda701, Maker
building monuments at major milestones of the server


The Monument Construction Group is a little group created by Offsetpanda701, Maker, and Into_theVoid on May 5, 2021 (Into_theVoid was removed from the group and quite 2b2t). The group is dedicated to building monuments at major milestones of the server. The group partnered with the Highway Workers Union. The MCG participated in the HWU projects, and built some monuments in the nether and in the Overworld at the world border at 30 million X+ in the Overworld on August 21, 2021. (The 30 million on x monument at World border features a giant statue of Cthulhu as well as numerous statues of mythological animals.) But the group is involved in the construction of numerous other monuments on the server, for example,an angel statue at 15 million in the Overworld on the X+ Highways axis in June 2021. You can see the videos of the different tours of the monuments built by the M.C.G on the YouTube channel of Maker

Notable Members

  • Maker
  • Offsetpanda701
  • FreedomHolland
  • Imnothausemaster